4 Ways to Prove You Are a Powerful Leader

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While there are many combinations of leadership styles out there tailored towards leading each organization, there can often be led largely through non-verbal cues and a quiet leadership style. Quiet leaders are powerful, and tend to focus on actions rather than empty promises and words. While there are challenges one may face to in order to be an effective and successful quiet leader, it is not an impossible task. Let’s explore 4 strategies one can employ in order to become a powerful leader without saying a word, or saying much in that case.


Powerful leaders listen, and listen effectively. They allow an opportunity for everyone to contribute and through this, distribute ownership to the entire group they are leading. By doing this, everyone is more engaged to participate, thereby mutually empowering the leader back. This is one of the most valuable traits that a leader can have, thereby allowing them to be powerful in any given situation. By actively listening, they are empowering others and providing them with a safe space to contribute ideas which may improve a team’s business’ growth. They do not employ the way of leading with a view of it is “my way or the highway”, thereby leading to corruption. 


Without saying a word, a person’s posture in a given group setting can determine if they are a leader or not, and a powerful leader at that. When standing, stand upright, as this projects an image of confidence, which leads to higher chances of influencing decisions. This projection of confidence can be perceived by others as more worthy. Switching postures can also change the chemical composition in our bodies, thereby allowing for more performance-enhancing hormones and neurotransmitters to flow towards our brain to allow for us to structure ourselves in a confident manner.

When we are sitting down, it is important to not lean forward. Leaning back allows us to be open towards new ideas, energy and has been proven to lower our stress levels. Try it yourself now! Did you experience the difference? 

Like mentioned earlier, this has an impact to your internal environment as it is an amendment to your posture. The leaning back posture is perfect for instilling confidence in yourself and others, as you appear calm and simultaneously in command of a situation. 

Maintain Eye Contact

This is one of the fundamental foundations of good leadership, which ties in closely with active listening and posture. By maintaining eye contact to whoever is speaking and without saying a word, one is able to connect and build trust with the speaker, thereby exerting a dominance of leadership to the group without saying a word. When a leader is looking around and not maintaining eye contact during a meeting, it shows gaps of weaknesses present to a given matter. This also destroys trust in a team, and the mutual trust-building collapses, thereby weakening leadership. 

Building a good first impression

One strategy powerful leaders employ in social situations is to make a quick but good first impression. This can be achieved through ensuring one is dressed well, and that they carry themselves in a good manner. While we say looks don’t matter, this is not true as taking the time to groom ourselves, our outfit and shoes will not go unnoticed. People do care and these factors do influence how a leader is perceived. This is also true if a powerful leader wants to build a brand for themselves. For example, they may choose to not dress formally to make a statement about how run their business. 

Setting aside some money to improve your overall look can allow you to make a good first impression as a leader without uttering a word. This can make or break your image and it is more often than not worth investing into. 

Conventionally, we think leaders are supposed to talk and that the words of a leader are the only thing that matters. In fact, this could not be further from the truth, as cues such as body language form 55% of communication. Therefore, even the most famous and charismatic leaders, who rely heavily on their words, invest in learning about how to become powerful leaders without saying a word. Now that you have the strategies, it is to apply them without saying a word!

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