5 Apps Your Marketing Business Needs

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Many people waste time when conducting their marketing businesses. It is vital to have some apps that are meant to simply that experience. Basically, these apps can help you to share information with your audience and keep them actively engaged, which in turn, leads to better results. The following article gives you a detailed description of the 5 apps that you need for success in your marketing campaign.  

This is a marketing tool that is commonly used in social media to schedule posts. The application is for platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. The app has various plans to allow users to manage even up to three social media accounts. Moreover, you can schedule a maximum of ten posts at a particular instant. It is not a free app once you anticipate managing more than 3 accounts, charges $15 every month. You can download the app from either the iOS or Android stores.  

Hootsuite also enables you to schedule social media posts and also it allows you to monitor as well as manage your marketing accounts. The app can be integrated with social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook. Like Buffer App, Hootsuite has a free plan that enables users to monitor a maximum of three accounts while the maximum number of posts to be scheduled is 30. The paid plan starts at $25 per month and it enables users to add team members in the schedule. You can leverage on this plan to take your marketing business to the next level. You can find the app in iOS and Android stores and download it for free.  

This app enables you to repost your marketing content on Instagram while using different social platforms. Above all, you can use it to repost content to your account feed. You can use either the free plan or the paid one to carry out your marketing activities, but it is advisable to get the subscription plan. The free plan includes a custom watermark on all posts that you repost. Thus, you need to subscribe once for a fee of $4.99 to remove it, which now makes your posts unique. It is available in the Android stores only and seemingly; the iOS version is yet to be released.  

YouTube Studio is another app that you actually need to enhance your business. With the app, you can manage your brand account regardless of the geographical location you are in. In addition to that, you can have an eye on your analytics for YouTubes, update video content, and also manage your playlists, and so much more. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.  

Canva is the best app for the creation of top-notch graphics quickly. It has a very powerful visual graphics creator that works well on mobile devices. This implies that you can create your marketing content at any time anywhere. It is appropriate for the development of graphics that are meant for social media posts. You can start from scratch while using the app or you may opt to use one of the many Canva templates. You can take advantage of thousands of images in their library. After creating your content and is ready for publishing, Canva gives you an option to share the graphics directly to the social media platforms, saving you time that you would spend to launch the apps separately to post such content. Both iOS and Android users can access this app in their respective mobile stores and start approaching their business in a smarter way than before.  

There are other marketing apps that you can use depending on the marketing service. This guide has shown the major apps for the management of marketing content and also curation of content before posting. Be sure to download these apps so that your business becomes simpler than before. It is important to note that there are those common social media apps that we have not explored in this article. For example, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have not been discussed. Be sure to make use of them to post your wonderful marketing content.  

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