How Your Small Business Can Reach New Customers Without Social Media 

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While living in the age of the internet, we always take for granted that social media is always there for us. But what if you pause for a moment and think back of the pre-internet age? Had Jack Dorseys and Mark Zuckerbergs been still not what they are, how could you have survived and flourished? The question sounds even more pertinent if you are a businessperson. Could you still fancy your chances of becoming a successful entrepreneur if there was no social media at your disposal? If your mind turns blank at such a thought, feel for your father or grandfather who sweated it out in the times when social media was as futuristic as a flying man? 

By growing business, new-age entrepreneurs mostly mean having more and more followers, likes and retweets on social media pages. The virtual advertising knows no limit and most marketing experts today advise to have maximum exploration of the internet because it is not only free but also gives the maximum penetration. But if an entrepreneur still wants to make it big without taking help of social media, he/she can still make it through ways that are more conventional. Knowing the strategy is good because it keeps you prepared for a day when social media might turn mute.  

Here are some ways on how to reach out to new customers without taking help from social media: 

Finding customers physically: 

Before we existed virtually, our physical presence was the most important part. Before communication underwent a revolution, people relied more on their interpersonal skills to win people’s hearts. Talking to people up front is a remarkable skill that man had till he started blindly relying on technology. To find customers without the help of social media, you can always go back to the basics of growing relations with people in person. Visit places where you can expect to meet like-minded business people and potential customers. If you are person with decent
interpersonal skills (how to improve interpersonal skills) then it should not be a big problem to make new friends and spot new customers. Visit fairs, markets and expos to promote your business. Even if you fail to sell your product initially, never lose hope since making an extra contact is you bigger prize.  

Reach out to other businessmen: 

If you are looking to expand your customer base without making use of social media, then you must associate yourself more with other entrepreneurs, especially those who are running a similar business like you. It is true that those entrepreneurs are your competitors but still, if you are wise enough, you can create a plan for yourself to understand your potential customers’ taste better by mingling with these like-minded entrepreneurs. You can collaborate with other entrepreneurs to sell your products. Remember if you succeed in selling a few of your offers, you have still made a few new customers. Follow up with these customers by preserving their mail addresses and through them, you can also grow your chain of network.  

Write on your business: 

If you are looking to gain customers without social media, make use of other mediums. One good example is writing for local publications, be it newspapers or magazines. If you are running a small business, write on publications that are based and focused in your area. It is also a good idea to reach out to big publishing houses and request them to carry your articles with bylines. Even if they are not paying you to start with, you can still write for them keeping in mind the long-term benefits. It is a method through which traditional writers made themselves famous. If you have a solid knowledge about your business and products, share it with people through physical write-ups. As you earn a reputation, an appearance on TV or participation in community radio stations can boost your chances even more. Your potential customer could just be around.  

Cold-calling may not be pleasing but it works: 

When you are trying desperately to find a ground as an entrepreneur, you bump into people expecting a favor to sell your goods/services. Cold-calling is one such way and it is certainly not something that people enjoy doing. But the good thing with cold-calling is that it has potential. When you call a number of stores to facilitate your business, it is highly likely that not all will come back with a polite tone. Phones will be disconnected on face. But while trying this, you will also discover people who have a golden heart who can really help you out to find new customers.  

Start advertising in the physical world: 

In the age of the internet, entrepreneurs often think about getting their news viral on social media. It’s free and has maximum reach. But when people did not have social media but yet harbored an ambition to grow big, they went for real advertising. That is how some of the biggest brands of today have earned an identity for themselves. They have come up with killer taglines and ruthless advertising to become market leaders. For a moderate businessperson who is running a small business, capital to invest in advertising could be a concern. But he/she can always learn from established brands, the idea of advertising. If you are a local seller, focus on local areas to build a customer base. You can publish and print leaflets besides making attractive posters and banners to spread words about your business. The advertisements should be precise and focused and inform people about your products and contacts. People still appreciate things that are simple. 

Make your vehicle a medium: 

If you often go out for work in your personal car, you can turn your vehicle into a medium as well to promote your business. It is not that you have to spend a whole lot of money to decorate your vehicle to inform people about your business. Even a simple but attractive advertisement put at a strategic location of your vehicle can prove to be immensely beneficial. Put out your contact number so that people can reach out to you. 

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    Great tips, I would be interesting on learning more about each steps. Maybe a guide or an ebook would be great. Thank you!

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      Thank you Sarah, please visit our ebook page

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