How companies can create leadership opportunities

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Women in leadership – for the few, they don’t deserve it, and for others, they are good in following but not in leading. Yes, you may be amazed to know that even today, when we are advancing in almost every sphere of life, women are still considered unable to hold a leadership position. Studies show that women make up only 24 percent of senior roles in the world, and the CEO’s position in top 500 fortune companies is held only at 4 percent by women, and so on so forth. 

However, women can make undoubtedly better leaders than men! If you think we're wrong, then you are definitely overlooking their skills in managing their families along with their work. Well, the need for creating leadership opportunities for women is as important as maintaining the global economic sustainability. Here are a few steps that companies can take to create leadership opportunities for women:  

Implementing Legislations for Gender Equality 

First things first, gender inequality has always been the biggest hindrance in the progress of women in general. Now is the time for companies to implement rules for gender equality. Besides having political rights, women should also have equal economic rights and opportunities. Women should be given equal status in businesses and corporate policies. For an instance, working women should be given equal consideration in recruitment, training, promotion, and performance appraisal.  

Developing and Promoting Women-friendly Work Culture 

Companies need to develop women-friendly work culture to promote more and more women in leadership positions. Women can be great leaders, but they have certain constraints which of course don’t stop them from becoming leaders. It’s the companies that should build a culture wherein women can work stress-free. As there are certain obligations which need to be taken care of, such as work schedules, maternity leaves, etc. Besides women being given equal opportunities in the companies, the companies themselves should have an effective career mapping for its employees, either male or female. Companies should provide flexible work environments to women and so on, and so forth. 

Recruiting Processes Should be Fair and not Gender-biased  

Companies’ recruiting processes should be fair, where prospective employees are treated equally, irrespective of their gender. Providing equal opportunities to women in the organization is the first step to help women rise to important positions. Companies should recruit more and more women for senior positions. Also, while hiring employees for senior positions, skillsets and talents should be the requisites for selection, and not the gender. Companies should take steps to absorb more women members in proportion to men. 

Providing Training Opportunities to Women  

Companies should provide training opportunities for women employees to promote more and more women leaders in an organization. Training is a powerful tool to create numerous leadership opportunities for women in a company. It is a transmuting process, which not only aims at providing knowledge, techniques, and tools to develop skills, but also helps change the outlook, attitude and behavior. 

Providing Socially Secure Environment to Women  

Lastly, companies should provide a secure social environment for women employees where they feel no fear, nor threats to their physical and mental well-being, and can contribute their 100% towards the growth of the company. 

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