How to Create Content that Converts

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Content writing is an art. People really work hard to create and curate their content to market their business. But is that all one need for an effective content that converts? I think you know the answer, it is No! You need to write such a content that can help you convert your readers or viewers into buyers.

And the question is - How should you do that?

Well, here is how you should create a content that converts:

First thing first, you need to write content which has entertainment element in it. Nobody today has time to read serious stuff let me tell you frankly. Already people have lot of serious stuff in their lives that they don’t want to read anything serious outside their lives. Yes, it is true! If you doubt then you take yourself. Are you ready? I am sure you know the answer

Secondly, your content should be interactive or communicative or conversational, meaning it should look like you are talking directly to the people. Like this people can relate much better with you.

As, I said they are not ready to read serious stuff, similarly they are not ready to take commands also. So, make sure while you write your tone is polite, respectful and not dominating. Nobody on this earth is ready to take commands or orders. Even if you want to share something informative, it should be polite, conversational and easy to relate with.

Don’t write big paragraphs it affects your readability. Your content should be easily readable. Also, use of more active voice than the passive voice is encouraged.

Write good headlines for your content. Further, your content should be divided into sub headings, as such content attract more readers and they can relate easily.

Never use long sentences in one line. It affects your readability. While writing, write in short blocks of text (1-2 sentences per paragraph).

Use simple language! You may think that using jargons can help you have more traffic but it is not so. People admire easy-to-read language.

Minimum or no use of complex sentences is advised. Complex sentences make it complicated for the readers to understand the content in one go, which is not good, as, reader may lose interest and stop reading.

Color combination should also be simple and comforting. Yes, bold colors such as red and yellow are not very comforting to our eyes. Whereas, if you use black text on white background or vice versa it will help you have better reader viewership or traffic. 

Use of transition words I highly recommended for a content that converts. Transitions are words or phrases that are used to show the relationship between paragraphs or text or speech. Using transitions in your content help you show connection or cohesion, thereby making your content more explicit or relatable. More often, transitions are called "bridges" because they carry a reader from section to section without any hassle.

Using keywords in the first paragraph of your content is mandatory.

Use of good and relevant keywords make your content appear in top search easily and efficiently. Do not over use keywords as it looks messy and lose its efficiency.

SEO plays an important role when it comes to content.

Avoid plagiarism or copied contents. Copied content take you nowhere. Also, google is very strict for that. You will have to face its effects.

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