How to Create a Company Page on LinkedIn to Promote Your Small Business

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Your small business needs to grow its brand awareness to expand its share in the market. LinkedIn offers a great platform to level the ground and help small businesses to compete favorably with more established companies. Companies have used the platform creatively and have built compelling brands that are more visible on searches.  

Some small businesses even outshine larger companies by creating a magnetic and dynamic company page on Linkedln. We shall identify some of the companies that have successful company pages on the platform.  

We provide you with a guideline to set up the company page for your business on LinkedIn; 

Company Details 

You find the interests section that is on the homepage of the LinkedIn website. Click on companies that can be seen on the drop-down menu. It will take you to a page where you have to create your small business company page.  

Be sure to fill your company page with impressing content entailing all essential and cosmetic details that can catch attention. Members will quickly get away from a page that is empty and devoid of content. Ensure the page is complete with details as spelled down for you below. 

1. Company overview 

This is similar to the “about us” on company websites. You are explaining to those who visit your page what your business is all about. You identify the products that you provide and the services as well. 

You also tell your audience how your products and services are unique and create a visual appeal for them to appreciate your business and follow you. Paint a picture of where you see your business in the future.  

Be concise and pleasant. Do not write long sentences. Brevity helps the beauty of your page.  

2. Logo and banner image 

This can be attention-grabbing since, when people search, they first meet the logo and brand image. Choosing an appealing one can give an impressive edge to your company age.  

3. Address  

People on finding your page have to know how to find you physically. Physical location is vital as it means the business has credibility. This effectively handles any trust concerns that revolve around online business. Indicate your headquarters, offices and important locations.  

4. Website URL 

This is an obvious addition on the company LinkedIn page. This sends the curious customers to your company website where they can interact better with your business and see the type of product and services you are offering.  

Other details include indicating your industry-line as users usually carry out searches based on this to find companies. Also, show those visiting the page the company size. Some may be interested in companies to grow along with or they specifically want to identify with a small business. Spell out what size your business is for you to be found. 

SEO-compliant page content 

You understand that finding your company page is through an internet search. You have to optimize your content to be friendly to SEO. This increases the ranking of your page on search.  

The content should be rich in keywords that have the greatest relevance to business topics.  

Be sure to have other people link with your business page starting with your employees. You can also utilize email signatures to tempt receivers to link with the page. 

Socialize and interact on the page 

LinkedIn is a business-oriented social platform and hence you have to engage your audience members by posting interactive content. Sharing content has to be regularly as that amounts to keeping your followers engaged. 

Your postings should have rich media included. This refers to images and videos since they are many times more likely to attract comments than text or other posts. 

Strive to capitalize on hashtags that are relevant to your business. This places the company in the middle of conversations that are related to the business. Three hashtag additions will suffice as you can now enter and participate as a business entity rather than as an individual.   

Successful LinkedIn business pages 

Greenhous software is an example of a company that has used LinkedIn well by creating a compelling business page. The page glows with a glamorous cover photo and tagline that is cozy. The description is interest-arousing as well.  

HackerEarth is another page that has a compelling banner image. They have excelled with the hashtag feature as well ensuring that they can be at the center of conversations that are related to the business.   

As you continue to beautify the page, utilize tools that can help you exhibit products. This includes the LinkedIn Showcase Pages that can be created for each product that you offer.  

Users then have a more targeted product page depending on their interest in your business page. This results in greater engagement and facilitates the segmentation of your messaging according to audiences targeted with a particular product.  

You have to create a LinkedIn business page for you to leverage the social capital that it offers. Take the time to find opportunities for creating a page that stands out. Also, optimize the content for your page to rank high on searches. This is by using SEO strategies that will give your business more visibility. You should also learn from companies that have excelled by utilizing the LinkedIn business page platform.  

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