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We have already started the New Year, which comes with many resolutions that we are supposed to make. Indeed, these are inevitable, especially for small businesses that anticipate robust growth in 2020. As a small business owner, you are never immune to specifying resolutions concerning the business operations this year. Even though it may seem a tough task to follow through them, it is essential to establish what you need to do first and, be sure to keep them. In addition to that, be cautious when undertaking those engagements in the new year since most people do set goals but only a small proportion accomplish them in a significant manner. The following article gives you an idea on how to keep resolutions quite easily.  


Be sure to delegate duties most often 

Many entrepreneurs who run small businesses have a desire to be part of every activity of the business. Usually, there is a common mistake that it will be much easier and faster to carry out the job by themselves instead of training another person to do it. Similarly, other small business owners feel too afraid that if they assign certain work to an employee, the latter will most probably do it wrongly. However, the frequent delegation of duties is a perfect way of efficient management of small businesses.  

You cannot sustain the business if you are always craving to have everything accomplished by yourself. You need to lay more emphasis on doing tasks that relate to the bigger picture of your business. It is important to make good use of your employees, otherwise, you didn’t have a reason for recruiting them. Therefore, you will bring a great sense of inspiration to them whenever they feel part of the team that contributes to the achievement of your business aims.  


Maintain Downward Communication Regularly in your business 

Apart from the delegation of duties, as a small business owner, make sure you keep a proper channel of communication with your staff. It may entail conducting a review of the performance after a specified period, for example, 3 months. Moreover, communicate with them on a day-to-day basis to know more about their work. Through that, you will be better placed to understand any struggles that they experience while striving to achieve the business goals over the New Year.  

It has proved to be the most effective way of giving employees a work incentive. On the contrary, if you treat them as mere workers, rather than as friends and peers, they may consider their work as an ordinary duty that must be undertaken. Having an open and excellent communication with others in the workplace, they will value their job and increase their productivity. 

As you endeavor to keep the resolutions for the new year, some of your employees will likely bring in new ideas that will facilitate the smooth flow of work. Communication is the ultimate key to unlock the great ideas that lurk within their minds.  


Creating an emotional attachment to your objectives 

It is easy to abandon your goals if you care less about them. Here, the solution encompasses establishing a means of caring about them and considering the resolutions for the new year. Emotional attachment will bring about a great meaning to a goal and hence, arouse your interest towards attaining it. For example, having a desire to ensure good life for your children motivate you to work hard towards attaining your goals.  


Challenging Yourself with the New Year’s Resolutions 

It is one of the critical factors for successful resolutions implementation. If you make the resolution just easy to offer yourself a sense of achievement, it will surely lack a long-lasting impact on your venture. You need to demand something of yourself that is seemingly challenging to attain, which forces you to harness your power.  


We have highlighted some of the ways to keep your new year resolutions, especially, pertaining to a small business. It all requires a strong sense of commitment to your goals and properly managing your team through effective communication. Have a prosperous year ahead.  

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