The Businesswoman: 10 Essential Success Practices

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Did you know that the results you’re experiencing in your business, right this very moment, can be traced back to your daily habits? We are what we repeatedly do. The time you go to sleep, how you react in situations, how you communicate, what you eat, how you focus your time, etc. Because habits run on autopilot, we forget they are a significant influence on the results we experience. Are your daily habits serving you? 

So how can we get different results? 

We get better results when we consciously identify and replace our unproductive habits with new success habits. We don’t need to change everything overnight! Instead, continually making a series of small changes, day in and day out is all you need. A few consistent changes here and there add up to become habits and ultimately transform into business successes.  

Small, Smart Choices + Consistency + Time = RADICAL DIFFERENCE”  

― Darren Hardy, The Compound Effect 

How can we eliminate the feeling of being overwhelmed? 

We can give ourselves some grace, while still making a committed effort to gain new, six-figure success habits - one new habit at a time. 

We can realize that changing our behavior takes time. But we can have confidence and excitement that once we’ve gained new success habits, we’ll have businesses which we love and which are fun, profitable and well-run. 

And we’ll be proud of who we are as businesswomen. And we’ll have tons of other business owners asking us - “What’s your secret? What’s your success routine?” 

Whats the best part? 

The best part is that these successful practices are relatively simple concepts. Everyone can learn these practices and become the businesswoman you crave to be. In addition, Businesswomen, have such an advantage when it comes to networking, making new contacts and business development. Women have such a gift for communicating with others, multi-tasking, and paying attention to detail in regards to business. Women can use their personal and professional skills to win new clients and retain loyalty from past clients. 

Whats the success blueprint? 

We’ve boiled down the keys to a successful business into 10 Essential Success Practices. 

  • Create a compelling vision 

  • Have a winning mindset 

  • PLAN for success 

  • work from a well-thought-out marketing plan, which fits your personality 

  • Know who you’re most meant to serve 

  • follow up with leads, build and deepen the relationship, and naturally convert the leads to new customers 

  • Effectively use your time 

  • always be on top of things, where you’re meeting your commitments and not letting things slip through the cracks 

  • Be a good money-manager 

  • Automate and outsource

Which of your unproductive habits is getting in the way? Which new habit and Success Practice are you committed to mastering right now? 

Remember, you don’t have to change overnight! Just pick one of your biggest stumbling blocks. Identify the unproductive habit and get clear on what the new success habit could look like. Then commit to demonstrating the new habit every day for 21 days. 

You can do it, with just one new habit at a time! 

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  1. Yvonne DiVita - Oct 10, 2019

    Habits are so powerful! I admit, I am lacking some good habits. I feel overwhelmed because I tend to avoid the 'must do this' tasks, in favor of smaller, easier ones. I get ahead, but so slowly, it frustrates me!

    • WomExperts - Oct 10, 2019

      Yes Yvonne you are right, habits are very powerful but there are a few ways to manage them. The first thing is to be clear with what you want. If you are trying to accomplished something that you are not clear on, it will be hard to stay in track. Remember to be honest with yourself, if something is not working for you, reach out for help. Another great thing is to create new habits. For example, if you have a favorite tv show you like to watch, create a new habit of "I will complete this tasks and reward myself by watching an episode of my favorite tv show. But if I don't finish tasks on time, I don't watch the show." If you are avoiding the difficult overwhelming tasks, try separate them into smaller tasks and seek support like reading a book, take a class or join a company like WomELLE for help. Thank you for the comment.

  2. Sarah J. - Oct 14, 2019

    A very insightful article. A thing to do is realize that there is no right or wrong way to do things. You can learn how to do anything at any age and at any time. What your goals are, your attitude, and your mindset are the major key to success. One more thing, when you do the hard things that you've always wanted to do, make sure you are doing them in a way that feels comfortable.

    • WomExperts - Oct 15, 2019

      Good point Sarah, thank you for sharing.

  3. Mary B. - Oct 15, 2019

    Great article and excellent tips! This will help me walking through improving my business. Thanks!

    • WomExperts - Oct 15, 2019

      Hi Mary, you're welcome! We are glad you like the article.

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