The Winning Team – Hiring the Best Resources for your Start-up

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Small businesses often struggle to hire resources. However, your team is the backbone of your startup as your success depends on the knowledge and skill of your employees. Needless to say, finding the right person is necessary.  

Start-ups understand that the only way they can stay in the game is by hiring top talent who will be willing to work extra hard at a lower pay. They should also be open to learning and growing with the company.  

So how does one find an impassioned team of experts who believe in your cause? Read on to learn about recruitment best practices followed by small businesses.  


Know where you are headed 

According to Rebecca Barnes-Hogg, Founder and CEO, YOLO Insights, “I advise startups to think like a GPS when they hire.” She explains that a GPS, when programmed, knows the destination, the starting point, and the route it will take based on your preferences. Start-ups too need this level of clarity to hire the right skillsets for the job.  

A startup that does not have clarity about their goals will not be able to define correct pathways for themselves and their employees. When you are clear about your destination, it becomes easier for you to get there.  

Evaluate their personality closely 

Don't just take their skills and experience into consideration. You also have to assess their personality to ensure that they will be able to strive and thrive under pressure. Most importantly, small companies do not have the management structure that the corporates have. Will your new recruit be able to deal with uncertainties? Will they be able to deal with stress that comes with handling multiple responsibilities? Do you see this person to be a team player? Will they work synergistically with other team members? What about their emotional intelligence? Are they positive about life in general? Are they a problem solver? 

Skyler Slade, co-founder and CTO of Tandem, believes that personality is greater than skills when it comes to startup hiring.  

Enhance your employer brand  

Startups will have to jump a lot of hoops to hire good resources because there is a good chance that they have never heard about you. Even the biggest companies these days are struggling to find reliable resources. As a startup, you will have to sell your company to desirable candidates and make them believe in your vision of growth and prosperity in exchange for their hard work and patience. Be prepared to be interviewed by the prospective candidates as well.  

Set the right expectations 

When interviewing a prospective applicant, make sure that you set the expectations straight at the very onset. Be clear about what you expect from them and also ask them what they expect from you as an organization. Assess what motivates them as professionals and integrate that into their job role. Determine how they can use the company platform to excel in their roles and responsibilities. 

Most candidates would appreciate if you tell them explicitly what they are getting into. As a startup, you are likely venturing into a new territory. Therefore, there is no right or wrong way to success. There will be plenty of trials and errors before the company starts to show signs of success. Your employees should be onboard with it and should know what they are getting into.  

Hire the passionate ones 

Look for candidates who have the proverbial fire in their bellies! They should be capable of thinking creatively. The ideal candidate profile will be someone who is energetic and has the right idea about working in a startup. A combination of humility, confidence, and team playing skills will prove monumental in your success story.  

How to evaluate passion? Well ask them how they plan to contribute to their job role within the first two months of being hired. If they are keen to learn, set milestones, and be a part of the team’s success, then you have found your person! 

A startup ecosystem is tricky business. It takes everyone’s coordinated effort for the business to get off the ground and continue to strive day-to-day challenges. Handpicking your team at this stage can be the difference between success and failure. So, use your time and resources wisely.  

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