Top Marketing Trends to Use in Your Small Business

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Marketing includes an array of activities done to promote a brand. Market research and advertising are marketing activities. Marketing trends never stay the same, they change almost on a daily basis. Marketing activities which work for some organization may not work for others.  

However, here we have listed a few top marketing trends for you to use in your small business:  

Content Marketing  

Content marketing is gaining popularity. It is a strategical marketing approach which focuses on creating and distributing relevant, valuable, and consistent content to attract and retain customers. Due to advancement in technology, people are increasingly tech savvy, so before they make any purchase, they tend to view your content on your website first, and they make the decision to buy based on that. Make sure you only post content which resonates with your target audience.  


Testimonial is another way to promote your brand. It is essential that you put testimonials on your web page, as your testimonials do half of your work. Today, customers are smart, they won’t make any purchase without reading testimonials, so you shouldn’t underestimate the power of testimonials on your website. They will not only increase your credibility, but also encourage endorsement and acceptance. Testimonials widgets are one the most used plugins, they help you show text, quotes, reviews, images, or videos on your website.  

Video Content 

Video content is a very effective way of marketing. Today, customers mostly between 18–35 years of age spend most of their time on social media. The major issue with this age group is that they get distracted very easily. So, the best way to attract customers from this age group is video content, as reading for them is a somewhat difficult task. They don’t like spending too much time on reading and they prefer watching videos.  

Video content is a good way to market your product, since all you have to do is create powerful video content and post it on several online platforms. This will attract as many customers as possible, but make sure your videos clearly talk about your brand’s objective. YouTube is the best platform to promote video content. The more subscribers you get, the more famous your brand becomes.  

Guest Posting or Guest Blogging 

Featuring your content on a third-party website is called guest posting. You sometimes have to pay for guest posts and other times, people provide free space for them. It is a very effective way of marketing and advertising your brand organically within another environment, where you can tap a new audience.  

Surveys and Polls 

Online surveys and polls are another effective way of marketing. Surveys and poll plugins help you interact with your users and they help to increase user engagement on your website.  

In Conclusion  

Whatever way you choose to market your brand, don’t forget that the main objective is to generate traffic, which is possible when you can keep your visitor engaged, and you establish trust with your visitors. Keep marketing and promoting your brand, as technological advancement has made marketing and promotion easier than before. 

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