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Every day a young woman quits school with no hope.
A mother with young kids becomes homeless.
Your gift of $5.00 will help a less fortunate woman go back to school or pay a bill.

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Less Fortunate Women Need Our Help

Too many women across the United States are working through problems (such as low paying jobs, domestic violence, insufficient opportunities and mentoring, struggles as a single parent—and the list goes on) that should not exist in 2017. Equally critical, too many women do not always know how and where to obtain help. Sometimes the answers to problems are as simple as having someone to talk through the issue or refer them to opportunities. Or, sometimes the need can be as severe as identifying a place to stay, or getting food for the family. WomELLE provides help though direct assistance and/or network referrals.

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No donation is too small. And, in advance of your generous donations, we thank you and invite you to become a part of the WomELLE Community. Serve as a mentor, join our online community; sponsor a book club, or event, or refer friends and colleagues who may need our support. God Bless you for your generosity.

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