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Mentoring for small businesswomen & startups.

Insights Hub

$ 19.99

per Month

Access to small business expert's advice when you need it.

  • Online support
  • E-learning
  • Events
  • Trainings
  • Resources
  • Forums

The Growth Hub

$ 499

per Month

Designed to help grow your business with Mentor support.

  • Weekly Mentoring
  • Online support
  • E-learning
  • Events
  • Forum
  • Resources

At WomELLE, we believe that when a woman is given an opportunity to realize her full potential, we all benefit from it. We deliver resources and services based on a dignified model that makes WomELLE feel like a trusted friend. Read our case study

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Insights Hub - $19.99 a Month

Make better business decisions with unique, actionable insights support. Insights Hub membership gives you access to our online support. As a WomELLE Member you are welcomed into our business circle, where we aim to offer you support and advice, resources, and educational opportunities to help you further succeed as an entrepreneur.

  • Online support (advice)

    The WomELLE online support gives you access to our business experts, where you can ask questions and reach out to someone when you need help. Having a support system is the easier way to build a successful business. It can be fun, enormously helpful, and fulfilling for women in business.

  • E-learning

    Small business is more than just marketing and selling. It demands a complete business skill set that we'll help your business grow from start-up and beyond. We have online courses and training that can help you grow.

  • Events

    We pride ourselves on providing you the tools for your business development, teach you new skills, create opportunities for networking and bring forth inspiring stories to shift you to new heights.

  • Resources

    Our resources page can help you find information to start, manage and grow your business. You will also find information and links to programs.

Jumpstart - $299 a Month

If you are starting a business or need extra support every month to help your business grow, this membership is for you. Jumpstart membership helps entrepreneurs grow their high-potential startups. We provide specific monthly mentoring and extra support while giving you access to our Forum, Resources, E-learning, Events and more.

  • Monthly Mentoring

  • Forum & Resources

  • Connect directly with like-minded women in WomELLE events

  • Share your events via our social media platforms and newsletters

Unlimited Users

The Growth Hub - $499 a Month

If you are serious about taking your business to the next level, this membership is for you.

The Growth Hub is here to help every businesswoman that’s seeking support to grow. Access to weekly mentoring that provide business advice to help you break down barriers. Full support and encouragement, to help you remain focused on what is important for the success of your business.


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