WomElle is a community for the support and advancement of women. The focus is to bring women together by creating an online community as well as a local community to allow sharing of ideas, professional development, education, career and leadership training, network support and worldwide recognition. Our community believes in the sharing of ideas between women in order to bring up a new generation of female leaders and entrepreneurs. WomElle provides support to up-and-coming women in the business world.

We were established in the efforts to bring together women across the globe in order to help each other achieve common and individual goals. Our community will provide women with mentoring and networking opportunity. We are here to empower women and help them chase their dreams. For those women who do not have the means to advance themselves we are there for them and will provide our support.

Naghilia Desravines

Founder / CEO

I rose from overwhelming poverty, abuse, and racism to become the head of a successful company and the Founder & CEO of a national organization called WomELLE in 2014, as a successor to a non-profit founded in 2016. I failed a few times and each time I stand up stronger and try again. Then, In 2014,I found other people who shared the same passion.  My name is Naghilia Desravines and I am the Founder of WomELLE, a community that care for women of all races.

Michelene Hlewicki, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

I’m passionate about the value of giving and committed to ensure WomELLE has a positive impact on women. I hold a Master from Everest University in Florida, with over 7 years experience as a tax, accounting and auditing services for individuals, privately-held companies, estates and trusts. I feel incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity work and help women across the globe.

Rainer Finck

Vice President Business Development

I am a German native with more than two decades of operational and management experience. I have a entrepreneurial mindset and program execution skills refined through leadership roles involving collaboration with business executives driving processes and effecting positive change. WomELLE has provided me with the opportunity to combine both of my loves; helping others and leadership.

Schnyder Francois

Chief Operation Officer

I have been in the army for 5 1⁄2 years and have served in numerous assignments and deployments to Operation. I am a native Floridian pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science. WomELLE is such a unique organization because while it is about women pushing themselves there is a community of support and positivity rooted within. It’s something I’m really proud to be a part of.

Rose Jones

Chief Advisor

Born and raised in Buffalo, New York; I have lived my life caring for people and helping to change their lives. I believed strongly in empowerment and self-sufficiency. I no longer merely believe in it, I work for it and I make it happen. I specialize in young women and single mother empowerment as well as domestic violence awareness and our involvement in it as a society.

Atmane Laouati


I am a mechanical engineer with Ph.D. degree from Laval University in Canada. I have been involved in numerous organizations, including Community-Based Services. As a research and development engineer, it is my responsibility to develop products that can improve people’s life. I believe that WomELLE is a tremendous cause and a great opportunity to help women using my skills. We are helping women everywhere and empower many families with happiness.

  1. 2014


    Our team started to work on the community in 2014.

    After numerous of discussion, we started to research the market and used that to continued improving our complex while advancing our abilities.

  2. 2015


    We stand for what we believe

    We started to networking and bring more people in board that can be potentialprivate investor to provide the company’s growth. The community name is WomELLE.

  3. 2016


    We are one step ahead

    We develop WomELLE website and applications and continue to brain storming on our to make the website not only user friendly but also give our members more they possibly want.