Who We Are

WomELLE started in founder Naghilia (Nadege) Desravines’s apartment in 2014 and was officially launched July 28, 2016.

WomELLE empowers women to fulfill their potential by providing mentorship and a business hub full of resources, opportunities, e-learning, events, and support. We know you have big goals and plans, and we also know you want to be around other women who can help you reach these goals. WomELLE provides you with the support, mentorship, knowledge, and services to start and grow your business. Businesswomen have online access and in-person opportunities tailored to help you meet your goals.

Our Divisions for Businesses

WomELLE platforms for small businesses make it easy for women looking to upscale and grow — from being featured in a magazine to marketing and customer service. Each of our platforms is build to help you grow, learn and succeed.

WomLEAD Magazine

A print and digital magazine for small businesswomen focusing on leadership, business, and entrepreneurship that made its debut in 2017 as WomELLE Magazine.

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Her Business 411

Her Business 411

A business directory for women-owned businesses in the US. The benefit to listing your business with us is knowing that we are a human-edited directory.

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WomSocial Media


WomELLE is pleased to provide mentoring services to small businesswomen. The program targets women starting a business or who are already in business seeking advice to help build successful businesses.

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Hey Podcasters

Hey Podcasters was created for podcasters worldwide—the first of its kind for just podcasters. Hey Podcasters give tips and interview podcasters every week to help other podcasters grow.

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Female Founders Podcast

Female Founders is a podcast from WomELLE, hosted by Naghilia Desravines. On Female Founders Podcast, every week, we have a conversation with a female founder that will tell us about her journey.

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Business Services

WomELLE offers a range of services that help businesswomen grow their companies from startups to scale-ups. WomELLE ’s services include website design, branding, graphic design, writing, and much more.

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WomLearn is an online learning platform for small business owners to learn new business skills. Our classes focus on business, marketing, management, and many more to help you succeed.

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Your Success is Our Success

As the Founder & CEO of WomELLLE, I strongly believe in collaboration and supporting other women. Either you are starting a business or just need help to grow your existing business, we welcome you. Naghilia Desravines

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