WomELLE Magazine is a print and digital business, leadership Magazine that made its debut in 2017. WomELLE Magazine targets women who are in business, leadership and tech. Our readership is comprised of educated and well-established professional women. Browse back issues of the WomELLE Magazine from 2017 to present that have published.

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  • WomELLE November, 2018 Magazine

    Nov 2018

    Thanksgiving issue: Who is holding your net? 10 keys that every home-based business owner should implement for success, Why most leadership development efforts fail, 7 secret to professional sisterhood & success, and much more. Contributors: Leslie Thomas Flowers, Ruthi Davis, Luci McMonagle, Trina Cantrill, Deborah Bishop, Moira Hutchison and more.

  • WomELLE Magazine, October 2018

    Oct 2018

    Becoming a powerful women of influence, Burnout: The way out, 3 simple secrets to living your best life and Emotionally safe work environments are important. Plus 3 simple secrets to living your best life, Some facts about women in business, and more. Contributors: Tracy Repchuk, Tina Cantrill, Ruthi Davis, Marni Becker-Avin, Deborah Bishop, Jennifer Whitacre Gardner and Luci MacMonagle.

  • WomELLE Magazine, September 2018

    Sep 2018

    Interview With Sharla Brown, Leadership: Be an example, Radical self-acceptance, Mindfulness: How are you using it?, and Top 5 lessons learned in leadership. Contributors: Tina Cantrill, Divya Parekh, Trina Ramsey, Samantha Goldberg, Jennifer Whitacre Gardner and Luci MacMonagle.

  • WomELLE Magazine, August 2018

    Aug 2018

    Ally Nathaniel Founder of An Better Publishing. I'D love to but... Mental health the hidden "Disease", But... I'm not done yet, Turning it around, Four ways to start living more mindfully, and much more. Contributors: Maggie Georgopoulos, Deborah Bishop, Suzanne Taylor, Esateys, Lisa Meisels, Kirsten Blakemore, Anke Herrmann, Rebecca Hall Gruyter and Luci McMonagle.

  • WomELLE Magazine, July 2018

    Jul 2018

    Mika Hunter - Reality there is a difference between us. The secret of selling through service, The power of women's leadership, How to achieve the success you crave: 11 tips that work and much more. Contributors: Lauren Ann Hickey, Rita Wilkins, Tracy Lynn, Deborah Bishop, and more.

  • WomELLE Magazine, June 2018

    Jun 2018

    Summer issue: From the spotlight to the shadows: Behind the scenes with Summer Helene, The tale of two women and one lesson, 3 Golden keys to redeem your dream, and Lead from inside. Contributors: Summer Helene, Divya Parekh, Roz A. Gee, Luci McMonagle, Tina Cantrill, and Laura Aiello.

  • WomELLE Magazine, May 2018

    May 2018

    Happy Mother's Day (2018): articles by Dr. Cozette M. White, Divya Parekh, Krysti Turznik, Latisha Tish Styles, Rebecca Hall Gruyter, Laura Aiello, Tonyalynne Wildhaber, Jayd Harrison and Cindy Arledge. Unveiling the mask the hurdle of self perseverance, What seed are you planting , The Power to transform your life and much more.

  • WomELLE Magazine, April 2018

    Apr 2018

    Nourishment Issue: Fuel your performance from the inside out, Leading is a lifestyle , and Empowered by the battle plus much more. Contributors: Jeanette Bronee, Yvonnes A Jones, Brigid P. Gallagher, Krysti Turznik, Katie De Jong, Debra L. Stitt, Shari Khan, Kelly Roach, Tonyalynne Wildhaber, Divya Parekh and Mika Hunter.

  • WomELLE Magazine, March 2018

    Mar 2018

    The inside story of Sherry Winn, Unleash the winning leader within you. Plus contributors: Divya Parekh, Janice Tanaka, Luci McMonagle, Keira L. Barr, Sheena Yap Chan, Trina Ramsey, Raana Zia, Eva C. Ponce, Marilyn O'Hearne.

  • WomELLE Magazine, February 2018

    Feb 2018

    The Valentine's Issue: Live the life you want, Time to crush your comfort zone, Top 5 mistakes leaders make when hiring virtually plus much more. Contributors: Divya Parekh, Dawn Carson, Dr. Aikyna Finch, Ashley Ryan, Trina Ramsey, Marlo Higgins, Kay Sanders, Joanne Victoria.

  • WomELLE Magazine, January 2018

    Jan 2018

    Happy New Year (2018): articles by Tana M. Session, Divya Parekh, Katie De Jong and more. 3 tricks for 2018, Train your brain this new year, Achieve your goals by applying and not buying, vision how leaders see the invisible and Apply "Now Power".

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