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Elevating Women's Voices

The Female Voice Awards is a prestigious recognition program dedicated to celebrating and amplifying the voices and achievements of outstanding women across various fields and industries. Established by WomELLE, a dynamic platform that empowers and supports women worldwide, these awards aim to shine a spotlight on the remarkable contributions of women who have made a significant impact in their respective domains.

Open to Women and Women-Owned Businesses

The Female Voice Awards is open to both individual women and women-owned businesses. We welcome applications from inspiring women who have made remarkable contributions, whether as individuals or through their businesses. Whether you’re a passionate entrepreneur, a dedicated business owner, or simply someone who has excelled in your field, we invite you to showcase your achievements and be recognized for your outstanding work in our prestigious awards program. Apply today and let your voice be heard!

Winner Benefits

The Female Voice Awards is back, and it’s bigger and better than ever! This prestigious awards program will provide a massive opportunity to gain exposure, connections, and prestige amongst other women business leaders in the country.


Take home a beautifully crafted and carefully packed tangible reminder of your outstanding accomplishment—a stunning physical award to cherish and proudly display as a symbol of your remarkable success.


As a winner, you'll enjoy prominent exposure in the March 2025 issue of WomLEAD Magazine and across WomELLE Media's platforms, ensuring widespread recognition of your achievement.

Exclusive Package

Receive an exclusive package that includes the official "Female Voice Awards" digital icon, custom artwork, print-ready PDF, and mockups for your marketing endeavors.

Award Ceremony

Be our guest at the exclusive award ceremony in Las Vegas, NV, scheduled for March 2025 (tickets required). Join us for a grand celebration and receive special acknowledgment.


Meet Some of the Inspiring Women Who Are Making Their Voices Heard

Anam Raza

Female Founder 2023

Kaci King

CEO of the Year

Dr. Charryse Johnson

Mental Health Advocate

Joy Vanichkul

Inner Peace Advocate

Why Should You Apply?

By applying for the Female Voice Awards, you’re not only showcasing your accomplishments but also becoming part of a powerful community of women who are making a difference. Your journey can inspire countless others, and your voice deserves to be heard.

2023 Female Voice Awards

Hear directly from 9 of our award winners as they share their initial reactions, feelings upon receiving the award, and their future aspirations in these exclusive interviews.

Celebrating Your Success

The Female Voice Awards 2024 is your chance to shine and inspire others with your journey. Join us in celebrating women who are making a difference and amplifying their voices in impactful ways. For the upcoming 2024 Female Voice Awards, we’re implementing an exciting change in our application process. Starting January 8, 2024, women can apply for this prestigious recognition. To support this, we are introducing a nominal application fee of $99 for our valued members and $159 for non-members.

Start Your 2024 Application

Why the Application Fee?

The Female Voice Awards aim to provide a prominent platform for celebrating and showcasing the remarkable achievements of women. Organizing a top-notch awards program requires various resources, which is why we are introducing a modest application fee. We’ve worked diligently to keep these fees as low as possible, making sure the Female Voice Awards remain accessible while effectively sustaining the program. These fees will be reinvested directly into the program, covering costs associated with rigorous review processes, winner selection, extensive promotion, essential technology upgrades, physical awards and other assets vital to ensuring the program’s widespread visibility and impact. Furthermore, the application fee helps maintain the integrity of the program by preventing fraudulent, spam, and duplicate submissions.

What Sets Us Apart?

Award Categories Overview

Explore the diverse range of awards below, each with its own unique criteria and significance. Whether you are nominating someone or applying yourself, reading through these category descriptions will guide you to find the perfect match for your achievements and aspirations.

This award honors a woman who has started her own business and steered it to success, showing strong leadership and a smart approach to industry challenges.

Recognizes a female CEO who has effectively guided her company through growth and challenges, maintaining a clear vision and strong management.

Awarded to a woman who has started a new business and driven it to thrive through innovative strategies and hard work.

Celebrates a coach who has significantly helped business professionals enhance their performance and achieve their career goals.

This award recognizes five coaches who have made a noticeable impact on their clients' personal and professional lives through dedicated coaching.

Honors an individual dedicated to improving mental health awareness and providing support to enhance people's well-being.

This award goes to someone who promotes inner peace and well-being through practices like meditation, mindfulness, or counseling, helping individuals find balance and tranquility.

Recognizes a mentor who has provided invaluable guidance and support, helping mentees reach their potential and navigate their careers or personal challenges.

Awarded to an author whose recent works have offered significant insights or contributions to their genre, resonating deeply with readers.

Honors an individual who has effectively driven initiatives that have a positive impact on social issues, making a real difference in the community.

Recognizes a certified public accountant who has demonstrated excellence in financial management and integrity in their practice.

This award celebrates a woman who has introduced new ideas or approaches that have positively influenced her field or industry.

Awarded to an executive who has shown exceptional leadership skills and has significantly contributed to her organization's success.

Recognizes someone who actively works towards societal change, advocating for improvements that benefit others.

Honors an educator who has made outstanding contributions to their students' learning, showing dedication and innovation in teaching.

This award goes to someone who has made substantial contributions to charitable causes, demonstrating a commitment to helping others and making a societal impact.

Recognizes an individual who champions equal rights and opportunities, working tirelessly to break down barriers and promote fairness.

Celebrates a new company that has shown impressive growth and innovation from its inception.

Awarded to a business or individual known for outstanding customer service, consistently exceeding customer expectations.

Recognizes an organization that excels in creating a supportive and positive work environment for its employees.

Honors a business that has effectively incorporated sustainability into its operations, making a significant environmental impact.

Celebrates a company that has implemented creative solutions to enhance its industry or market presence.

Awarded to an individual whose volunteer efforts have significantly benefited their community, showing dedication and compassion.

Recognizes a health coach who has effectively guided clients towards healthier lifestyles, making a tangible difference in their well-being.

Honors a coach who specializes in dietary advice, helping clients achieve their health goals through personalized nutrition plans.

This prestigious award recognizes a woman who has shown outstanding leadership, commitment, and influence in her field throughout the year.

Celebrates a woman who inspires others through her actions and achievements, serving as a powerful example of success and integrity.

Awarded to an executive mentor who has significantly influenced their mentees’ professional growth and development.

Recognizes a sales executive who has achieved exceptional sales results and leadership within her company.

Honors a marketing executive who has successfully driven market growth and brand development through effective marketing strategies.

Celebrates an emerging leader who shows remarkable potential in her field, quickly making a name for herself through hard work and innovation.

This award honors an individual who has had a long and impactful career, consistently contributing to their field and setting high standards.

Recognizes the chief financial officer who has excelled in financial stewardship, ensuring their organization's fiscal health and strategic financial planning.

Celebrates a chief technology officer who has led their company to technological advances, significantly impacting the organization's operations and products.

Honors a digital influencer who has effectively engaged and grown their audience, positively impacting their followers through inspiring content.

Recognizes a real estate professional who has demonstrated exceptional skill in facilitating property transactions, providing outstanding service to clients.

This award recognizes women in media who use their platforms to amplify women's voices in their industry through public forums like print, digital, and broadcasting.

Awarded to someone in public service who has gone above and beyond to serve the community, demonstrating commitment and making significant impacts in their role.

Some of Our past Winners

Frequently Asked Question

Got questions about the Female Voice Awards? Check out some common queries below, and
if you don’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to reach out to us

Who is eligible to apply for the Female Voice Awards?

The program is open to women who are 18 years or older. Eligibility may vary based on category, so be sure to check our category descriptions for specific requirements.

How do I apply for the Female Voice Awards?

Applying is a breeze! Just click on any of the 'Start Your Application' buttons, and you'll be directed to login or create an account. Where you can conveniently submit your payment along with your application.

Can I submit multiple entries for the same business?

Only one application per business will be accepted. Co-founders cannot submit multiple entries for the same business.

What is the deadline for applications?

The application deadline for 2024 is September 2, 2024, at 11:59 PM EST. Please ensure your application on time.

What is the Award Selection Process

Our dedicated WomELLE team and an esteemed selection committee will meticulously evaluate all applications. The criteria for selection encompass factors such as growth, impact, and awareness, along with the compelling nature of each applicant's personal journey. A panel of acclaimed WomELLE Judges will collaborate in choosing one winner for each award category.

What do winners receive besides recognition?

In addition to recognition, winners will be prominently featured in WomLEAD Magazine's March 2025 issue and across WomELLE Media's platforms. They will also receive an official "Female Voice Awards" digital icon to display, custom artwork, print-ready PDF, and mockups for marketing, an invitation to the award ceremony, and a beautifully crafted physical award to cherish.

Still have Questions?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 561-880-8930.

Application is Now Open

Nominate the women who have moved you with their courage, inspired you with their leadership, or left an indelible mark on your heart. Whether it’s a trailblazing entrepreneur, a community leader, a dedicated educator, or an advocate for social justice – we want to hear about them. Our nominations are now open, until September 2, 2024! Stay tuned for more inspiring stories.