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The Power of Women’s Leadership Conference - Day One

Oct 20, 2017

$99 / per ticket


We invite you to The Power of Women’s Leadership Conference. A place to Lead & Grow Your Business Like a Leader as You Lead and Grow You!
The Power of Women’s Leadership Conference is the new forum of WomELLE designed to promote women’s personal and professional development and advancement. The purpose of our conference is to inspire women to seek their highest level of personal and professional growth by presenting participants with role models, varying perspectives, and strategies for development.

This virtual conference will expand your capacity for leadership by helping you create the conditions to close the gap. Clarify the work that needs to be done, while creating the conditions that allow others to succeed in their specific roles. You will have the opportunity to learn from and interact with some of the most influential women leaders. This virtual conference is a must for those looking to deepen the reach and impact of their leadership.

During this event we’ll cover

Malyia McNaughton
La’Keisha Girlslikemeproject Gray-Sewell

Tana Tane
Leslie Flowers
Rhonda Kinard
Margo Lovett
Divya Parekh
Rebecca Hall Gruyter
DrGail McClain Hayes
Heather Criswell
Jeanette Bronée
Bridgette Y. Lewis
Laura Lee Rose
Robbin Jorgensen
Cozette White
Micaela Alpers
Anisa H Rashad
Sarah Walton
Dr. Michelle Rozen
Sandy Sidhu
Tracie James
Priscilla Q Williams
Burge Smith-Lyons
Ally Nathaniel
Regan Hillyer
Linda Patten
Regina Barr
Maya Hu-Chan
Tracy Stayton
Ayo Awotona
Sabrina Clarke
Dr Lisa K Tesvich

Target Audiences
The conference focuses on challenges and strategies for women of diverse backgrounds in the world, it is also open to men who strive to achieve.

Contact for Conference information:
For more information about the conference, to speak or available sponsorships, please contact us.

The conference price ($99) for early bird , $89 for members and $179 for non-members which includes 2 days virtual live conference, 20 live speakers, 10 pre-recorded speakers, live QA, polls and professional activities for both career and entrepreneurial women to elevate their leadership and professional business skills, giveaways and raffles

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Oct 20, 2017 @ 09:07 PM



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The Power of Women’s Leadership Conference - Day One