WomELLE Community

A community for women to connect, share ideas and practices among women to rise a completely new era of women leaders.

WomELLE Community

WomELLE is helping women help themselves by creating a community to support each other and connect with women leaders from all over the world.

Employment Program

We assist women with their resume, cover letter, job application, job lead referrals and job assistance. We also provide interview techniques training and information.


We provide a one year of 1 on 1 and group mentoring that will encourage change in our members’ mindsets along with helping them establish goals to attain their ambitions.


The best way to interact with new potential customers and advertise your business. Come join our webinars, networking events and mixers.

Business Directory

Join our community and display your business to the world and allow them to locate you by going online with the right information free of charge.


This is the best place to read top leadership success stories, get inspire and motivate. WomELLE Magazine is women source for leadership.

WomELLE Store

WomELLE's Store for women provides you with the opportunity to purchase new and pre-owned fashion brands at an affordable cost.


If you are a business owner looking to advertise your business on our community of women, feel free to link up with us as a partner.

Brand Ambassador

Our Ambassadors organize meetups, outreach and networking opportunities, to increase awareness, engagement and participation in our movement.


HELLO, I AM Naghilia Desravines...

Teamwork is a key element of WomELLE. Our team is very strong in terms of helping and bringing women together. People who work with us do their best to achieve great results. We know we have already done a lot to support women. However, our goal is to continue to create successful outcomes for and impact upon women world-wide. Our important competitive advantage is that we are the first community for women dedicated to providing a broad range of support.

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