A Fresh Start: Rebranding and Website Redesign


Divya Parekh is an author, leadership coach and CEO of DP Group, LLC. She works with organizations that need help providing change management training. She also provides one-on-one coaching and motivational public speaking.

Divya Parekh, Influence Architect


Thanks to WomELLE, now DP Group website is user friendly, attract new users, professionalism.

Divya Parekh is an international executive leadership coach and #1 bestselling author. She is the CEO of The DP Group LLC, a global coaching and consulting firm that provides leadership and team development services as well as corporate coaching.

Client hired a lot of different web developers to work on the website very often to add new page or fix issue. Due to lack of knowledge, other developers destroy the website and eventually it was slow and hack.

In 2019, DP Group reached out to WomELLE for help to redesign the website and to create a new brand. We were tasked with conducting both a refresh of the company brand and a redesign of their website. The website component had some significant constraints, but we found an innovative way to solve them.


After a careful analysis of the website, we drew the following conclusion of why it needed a redesign. The website was overcrowded with content, slow and outdated. The website is also full of bugs with some pages being hack. There was no proper CTA (Call to Action) on the website. It feels more like an informative website. The brand values of the company were not clearly visible on the website and no way to understand the delivery process for users who do not know about it.

The CEO of DP Group target two different types of clients, corporates, and entrepreneurs with different type of services. As a result, client decided to create two types of websites to avoiding confusion. After our client agreed and feel confident, we began with a thorough website audit and analysis.

Taking action for better result

From that, we developed a strategy to redesign the old website and optimizing the website for speed, images, and carefully targeted metatags. Next, we plan the new website focus on entrepreneurs only and divided the content between the two websites.

From that, we developed a strategy to redesign the old website and optimizing the website for speed, images, and carefully targeted metatags.Next, we plan the new website focus on entrepreneurs onlyand divided the content between the two websites.

WomELLE improved overall site architecture and navigation to enable easier browsing and a more frictionless experience. We created a more user-friendly and more visual product story with improved navigation and filtering. Moreover, we dramatically improved SEO performance and content marketing opportunities while implementing a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress.


Beautiful responsive two new websites with SEO friendly. High quality graphic designs and videos led to greater client’s satisfaction

The look of the redesign was well organized. The colors work well together, and most importantly the websites presence looks like their print material. The client loved the new navigation and found our WordPress theme easy to work with for updating current pages and adding new content.

DP Group saw the largest change from all of our efforts, with a 116% website visitor increase interaction since the new site launch.

Explore the services that are helping DP Group grow.

Web Development

We create high-quality websites for small businesses and startups with high ambitions. The web solutions we develop are feature-rich, highly functional, robust and secure that enhances the brand.


Creation of visual identity including logo, media kit, podcast artwork with a simpler and more sophisticated look that is the foundation of the company’s belief system.

Graphic Design

Design web pages, brochures, flyers, banners, books, artworks, covers, catalogs, advertisements, social media posts and other communication materials.

Brand Video Production

Powerhouse video for marketing and brand awareness. We have a genuine passion for producing great videos and have built a creative process that gets results.

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