Turning up the success of her podcast, from hobby to business.


“I am a great podcaster with over 2 million listeners, but I did not know how to build a profitable business out of it. Naghilia and WomELLE team showed me the path and guided me step-by-step to build a solid foundation for my business as well as monetizes it.”

Margo Lovett, Podcaster & Founder of Podcast Academy Online



“Now I have a better understanding of how to be a better entrepreneur and business owner.”

Margo Lovett is the creator and host of the podcast, “Her Business Her Voice Her Conversation.” The podcast targets Baby Boomer women, businesswomen, and entrepreneurs. After leaving 26 years of employment, Margo followed her passionate hobby to become an internet radio host. In 2017, she launched “Her Business Her Voice Her Conversation.”

The podcast is about supporting women who dream of quitting their jobs and reinventing themselves as entrepreneurs, authors, or podcasters. The show also helps those who are in the reinvention process by holding them accountable to their commitment.

Two years later, Margo turned to WomELLE to help her create a profitable business from her podcast while still following her passion. Margo sought a mentor who could guide her and teach her about the business side of her podcast and the skills she would need if she wanted to become a successful entrepreneur. She also recognized that she would need to work hard to achieve that success.


The WomELLE team worked closely with Margo to identify all the tasks and ideas needed to build a successful podcast. First, we focused on building the podcast brand and voice so that it would resonate with the target audience. From the new design of the podcast’s artwork to her social media graphic posts, everything now reflects Margo’s spot in the podcast community. Next, we worked with Margo on solidifying the podcast’s brand presence by adding her show to all major podcast platforms including Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and many more.

In addition, we set up a strategy for social media posting and also made it easy for guests and fans to share a specific episode of the show. The podcast brand should be reflected in the website design, and that’s why WomELLE’s web design team worked very hard to create a beautiful and attractive website with specific visuals and colors to match the brand.

Continuing the Success

Producing a podcast show takes real work, and if you want to keep your podcast running, you have got to find a way to make it work for you too. That is why the WomELLE team developed several strategies to diversify and increase revenues from Margo’s business. First, we worked with Margo to identify potential small businesses to sponsor the show. In addition, Margo took advantage of the WomELLE community platform to build new connections, and we discussed some of her podcasts in the WomELLE print magazine to expand her audience.

Margo says the mentorship that she received from WomELLE has been very conducive: “I’ve learned so much from Naghilia. I have always been comfortable in my own element as well as confident in podcast, but Naghilia helped bridge a gap for me to be a better entrepreneur.”

Margo loves podcasting and now has a ton of experience with over 200 streaming episodes. She has always wanted to help others learn more about podcasting, so after many discussions and brainstorming meetings with Naghilia, she realized that launching an online podcast academy was really the best way to make it happen. The WomELLE team moved quickly to create and design the new website for the Podcast Academy Online,which includes a paid membership that provides exclusive classes and perks for members.

WomELLE provided strategies to improve the consulting services structure and create an offline Meetup event as another way to sign more clients. WomELLE helped to create the monthly Meetup event, including the email marketing campaign to sell more tickets for the event, conference room reservations, and graphic design.


WomELLE’s efforts to deploy the podcast on different podcasting platforms yielded a substantial uptick in the total number of listeners.

The Podcast Academy Online is a great success and the number of paid members is increasing.

The first Meetup event (April 2020) was a success and the feedback was very positive for Margo to renew and expand the event.

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The WomELLE Mentorship aims to increase the success rate of start-up entrepreneurs by providing them access to the knowledge and expertise they need to succeed.


Through in-depth research, planning and execution we help you develop a brand strategy including logo, business card, stationery kit, social media and more.

Web & Graphic Design

We create high-quality websites for small businesses and startups with high ambitions. We design brochures, flyers, banners, social media posts and more.

Event Planning

Propose ideas for event, conduct market research, gather information and plan her event within a time limit. We Conduct pre- and post – event evaluations.

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