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The redesign of TeeLaiz Desserts website and brand was much faster than they expected and we enabled them to make a totally seamless transition without disrupting the business. The new website is nice, clean, SEO and user friendly.

Terriann Stallings, Owner of TeeLaiz Desserts



We provide mentorship to keep Terriann focused and on track with her business goal.

Terriann Stallings is the owner of TeeLaiz Desserts, a homemade bakery business in California. Terri’s passion for baking desserts goes way back to her teenage years. She has been baking at home for over 30 years and is enjoying it more and more each passing day.

Like many industries, the bakery is changing, and TeeLaiz Desserts must adapt to survive. Terriann was inspired by the success of another WomELLE client and her growth, so she reached out to her to learn more about her success journey.

And so, Terriann searched Google to see what resources she could find about WomELLE to help her realize her vision. She was looking for someone that can help take her business to the next level. Terriann asked the WomELLE team to help her structure and help her business evolve. “After talking with the WomELLE team, I could tell they knew what they were doing and would be super responsive to my needs,” says Terriann.


Before starting any work, WomELLE had many discussions with Terriann about her actual business structure and her goals for the coming years. Next, the team conducted a SWOT analysis to assess the organization’s current position before deciding on any new business strategy. We concluded that TeeLaiz Desserts needed a full reworking of the branding including brochures, menu, business cards, and e-commerce website.

The WomELLE team built a completely new and modern website using beautiful images to attract more traffic and potential customers. In addition, the team designed marketing materials that matched the brand’s colors, including business cards, brochures, flyers, and a menu. WomELLE also designed the cake labels and found an affordable printing company to print a higher quantity of labels to improve the profit margins and keep to the delivery timelines.

Benefits of a Full Support Team

After extensive market research, WomELLE provided Terriann with unique and effective strategies to reach new customers by using the right social media platforms for product promotions, search engine optimization, email marketing, and partnering with other businesses.

One of the biggest advantage she has working with WomELLE is the fact that she was able to get along with us very well. She can reach out when she needs help and get fast response either by phone or email. Everything for her company was getting done in one place and that was a big plus for her because she was jumping from one person to another for help before.

The TeeLaiz Desserts baker and CEO is applying brand strategy to align her business decisions too. The new website allows hungry clients to order online for convenient delivery. Also, customers can now join the TeeLaiz Pound Cake Club to receive discounts on monthly themed cakes.

Terriann was deeply involved in every step of the process, from brand articulation to concept development, through to the launch. Our feedback to her throughout the journey was clear and concise as was the business strategy crafted by her and her mentor to easily and effectively keep track of daily tasks and the overall business plan.


TeeLaiz Desserts signed a contract with a large local restaurant chain with six locations to provide cakes on a weekly basis. She is also attracting new customers with her Pound Cake club and monthly cake theme.

Affordable bulk label printing resulted in an important time and cost saving for the business. TeeLaiz Desserts is now serving more customers online and offline with ease. Terri is continuing her mentorship and working closely with us to continue her business growth.

Client feedback has been extremely positive and Terriann believes WomELLE exceeded her expectations.

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