Zero-investment Business Ideas for Stay-at-home Women

on September 23 at 08:36 PM

You are a stay-at-home mom or someone recovering from an injury or just someone who needs supplemental income. It doesnt matter why you want to start a business from home but what matters is ditching the age-old belief system that business needs investment. Even though it is indeed true in most cases, in this case, you are lucky that it is not!  

There are not one but many business ideas these days that allow women to not only work from home but also earn a handsome sustainable income from it. Skill-based businesses pay a lot of money, giving women an opportunity to look for options beyond 9-5 and do so much more with your lives.   

So, if you are ready to start something of your own and looking for practical ideas, then you have come to the right place. Don't worry about finances just yet because all these ideas require zero investment! The only investment is your time.  

Having said that, if you are aching to do something of your own but feel discouraged, then you need to read this article because we will share some very practical business ideas that you can start with zero investment.  

Teach online 

We live in a world that is constantly connected with internet, thereby making it easy for women like you to earn a steady income. If you have a skill, then consider starting a YouTube channel recording helpful tutorial videos. You can teach anything from a language to makeup, fitness, yoga, cooking etc. Just find a skill that you can monetize and start teaching online. Teaching and helping students will not only bring you the peace of mind but also make you money. As you gain visitors, YouTube will pay you from the ad revenue that they generate from the popularity of your channel. Just be creative, use quality props, and unique ideas to attract more learners to your YouTube channel.   

Yuya, a Spanish content creator, was only 16 when she joined YouTube after winning a makeup contest. Today her channel has more than 22M subscribers and her videos mainly talk about makeup tips, fashion, styling etc. After her success as a beauty influencer, she now also has a cosmetic line. Yuya is just one of the many beauty influencers cashing in on their skill and popularity.  

Become a freelancer 

If you are a creative writer with a head full of thoughts, then freelance writing can earn you a serious income. All you need to do is signup with freelance work websites, upload your CV, and start looking for writing gigs. You can also post on social media forums about your availability as a freelance writer. Additionally, many writers offer their services to write magazine articles, blogs, editorials etc. This job requires absolutely no investment and can be started within a days time. You can also reach out to companies directly, introducing yourself as a writer and request for work.  

Rachel Sobel, a successful freelance writer, worked in public relations before deciding to quit her toxic job and start something of her own. Today she maintains her own blog and does freelance writing for popular publications such as Medium, PopSugar, Today Parents etc.  

I have shared about getting divorced with a toddler, dating as a single mom, remarrying, suffering a miscarriage, having a baby two weeks shy of my 40th birthday and every other scenario I know other parents have experience with but may not openly discuss. I share the good, bad and ugly and have amassed a tribe of women and even some men who have become my biggest supporters and push me to perpetuate the reality attached to motherhood,she shares. 

Work as a yoga instructor 

Everyone these days is becoming a health fanatic. With busy schedules and hectic lifestyles, yoga has gained immense traction as a popular fitness choice. If you are trained at yoga and looking to start a business, then working as a yoga instructor will be a welcome start. It does not require any investment and can be started from your home. You can expand your operations once you start getting consistent clients.  

Take Alison McCue for instance. When she started in 2009 as a yoga instructor, she had only 2 students. Today she owns 10 Powerflow Yoga Centers across New Jersey.  

It is not that simple to start a business and a whole new deal to run it successfully. It not only requires startup cash but also energy and time. But with these business ideas, you can get started almost overnight and that too without any initial investment.  

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