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  • Fodeo favorite
  • Corporation
  • P.O. Box 639 Western Springs, IL 60558
  • (708) 579-1360
  • We keep you organized, on time and remind you of what matters. Fodeez® Dry Erase Adhesive Frames are the only product on the market that serves two purposes: A display frame and a dry erase board. These two features combined provide the product with an unlimited number of applications. The fact that they are a solid unit, not a sticker with a hole cut in the middle, also makes them unique and highly durable.

    At home, these frames replace tired refrigerator magnets that fall off, as they are stainless steel and wood-friendly. With such versatility, they can be used to display calendars, children’s artwork, photos, notes, messages, etc.

    At work, our goal is to do away with labor-cumbersome laminated paper and tacky-looking pieces of paper taped to walls, doors, windows, etc. Our frames provide a clean and simple display for any message that needs to be posted.

    At school, college students love how quick and easy it is to display family photos while away from home, and they don’t “clank” on doors when used as dry erase boards.

    Watch a full demo here.



    Fodeo began as a retail chain to serve the consumer need to transfer old videotapes, film and photos onto DVDs. With the changing economy and technology, however, Fodeo evolved to meet a recognized product need. It took 4 years of research and development to create Fodeez® Frames, and the company adapted away from a service business that slowed over time to a new and growing consumer business. As each new frame prototype was developed and tested, the high product demand drove our changing business. We closed the last of our transfer locations in 2013 and focused strictly on perfecting our innovative product line.