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Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla Founders of ‘The Little Market’

on June 21 at 07:42 PM

Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla, founders The Little Market, one-of-its-kind fair trade shop where customers can purchase beautiful products handmade by artisans around the world. The Little Market is an independent nonprofit, charitable organization which is set with the purpose to alleviate poverty 

The Little Market is a social enterprise, combining business and social justice thereby impacting artisans and their communities. Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla, the way they are working and the purpose with which they started it all, can be called as impact entrepreneurs. These two impact entrepreneurs are positively impacting people’s lives by purchasing goods handmade by artisans in need, which includes refugees, people with disabilities, women transitioning out of homelessness, and survivors of trafficking and domestic violence thereby helping artisans build a brighter future for themselves and their families.  

Not only Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla help artisans to earn their livelihood, but also they provide these artisans the platform to showcase their traditional skills and cultural techniques to a broader audience at a larger level 


The whole story began with “the idea of helping people, to give back to the society.” Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla were college friends, met while studying at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) in 2006.  

Both of them shared common interests such as love for design, travelling, networking, desire to empower women, etc., perhaps the commonness in little things of their lives could make them do so BIG in their venture The Little Market 

In one of their visits to Bali and El Salvador they met women who were creating beautiful products, Lauren and Hannah immediately fell in love with those beautiful handmade products and something clicked both of them. A thought of making all those products available to other people across the globe hit them. 

Furthermore, during their trip to Tanzania and Uganda, they visited non-profit organizations there, especially the ones which were working with female artisans and entrepreneurs who were struggling to make ends meet. It was then, their thought of making handmade items available world-wide took U turn to concrete planning. Upon their return, they created an online platform so that they could help artisans from around the world showcase their beautiful products to a larger audience.  


The little things is built to provide mutual benefits to artisans from across the world and the customers by providing them the opportunities to make easy purchases of unique, one-of-a-kind pieces from around the world in one place while helping the artisans have means to support their families and the customers, 

The Little Market works with dozens of artisans all over the world. It practices fair trade principles. The purpose of the whole set-up is to empower women financially and improving the quality of their lives in their communities by number of ways such as business training, literacy workshops, and health programs etc 

Moreover, the little market provides the women artisans with privilege to work from home while caring for their families. Also, the extra earned money can be used by these women, to send their children to school, which they often miss due to lack of money or other financial problems.  

Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla the ultimate impact entrepreneurs, impacting the society at their best via The Little Market!! 

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