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GDPR Fines Haven't Rocked the Data Privacy World—Yet 
Though there hasn't been a deluge of large fines, EU regulators are slowly beginning to flex their enforcement muscles.
The Internet Archive Is Making Wikipedia More Reliable
The operator of the Wayback Machine allows Wikipedia's users to check citations from books as well as the web.
Google Wants Safeguards for Information in Antitrust Fight
The Silicon Valley company filed a court petition asking for limits on what is shared with consultants working with the at...
Toronto’s City of Tomorrow Is Scaled Back Amid Privacy Concerns
The overhaul envisioned by a sibling company of Google has been lauded for its innovations. It’s also been called a “corpo...
Alibaba Offers a Positive Signal Amid China’s Sagging Growth
Rising sales and profitability suggest the country’s growing middle class still feels inclined to spend despite the trade ...
The Week in Tech: WhatsApp’s Spyware Fight Is at Least Good P.R.
The messaging service is suing a cybersurveillance company. Whether it’s successful or not, it is a strong statement from ...
Lights, Camera, TikTok
How young people are using the app to engage with, and critique, the movies.
Why Gamers Are Protesting BlizzCon for Hong Kong
Blizzard, the video game company, sparked a backlash after punishing a player who supported demonstrators in Hong Kong. Th...