March 04 2017




80 Seats


6 Professional Speakers

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The Power of Your Vision is designed to give women a concrete plan on how to bring their vision to life. This is NOT a traditional vision board party. This is a workshop designed to help you get clear on your vision and equip you with the tools you need to bring your vision to life. A social space where positive energy flows freely and women are inspired, encouraged and motivated by other like-minded women. It’s for women who desire to “be free” --free to live, dream, create, and pursue the life she wants on her own terms.


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Rose Jones

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Naghilia Desravines

Naghilia Desravines

Founder & CEO WomELLE

A national organization that help women help themselves and care for women of all races.

Rose Jones

Rose Jones

Founder Let Rose Speak

I specialize in young women and single mother empowerment and our involvement in it as a society.

Yvonne A Jones

Yvonne A Jones

Business & Life Mentor

Business & Life Mentor to 50 and Wiser, Int'l Speaker, Author, WPN Co-Chapter Leader.

Tamara Johnson

Tamara Johnson

Life Coach

Personal Breakthough Coach. Changing the world on person at a time. Get ready to be Transformed.

Guy G. Patterson, Jr.

Guy G. Patterson, Jr.

Management Consulting

Managing Partner of Rust-Belt Market works, Inc., which is an international business development consultancy.

Tamara Johnson

We are looking for a Financial Advisor to inspire and give tips to our attendees. Come join us!

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WomElle is a community for the support and advancement of women. The focus is to bring women together by creating an online community as well as a local community to allow sharing of ideas, professional development, education, career and leadership training, network support and worldwide recognition.

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This is a remote workshop, you can sit at home, relax and be inspire by our speakers.

Yes you can. After each speaker, you will have the opportunity to raise your hand also you can ask questions at the end of the workshop.