20 Business Tools You Should be Using

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20 Business Tools You Should be Using

A business comprises a multitude of operations. From scheduling a meeting to managing social interaction and analyzing online content to collaboration, you are supposed to handle many operations. Fortunately, there are a host of online tools that can assist you in managing your business. Here are 20 such business tools.                                 

Essentially a messaging app, Slack has features like real-time messaging, one-to-one conversations, group conversations, file sharing, etc. You can easily integrate Slack with other apps like Google Drive and Dropbox to ease your workflow. The free version comes with a few limitations, while its subscription begins at $6.67 per month.                           

This App handles team-based projects where you can communicate with each other. Asana is loaded with tons of functionalities, including organizing your conversations associated with specific tasks, automatic updates on tasks, and visualizing your projects on calendars and dashboards. The paid plan of the App starts from $21 per month.                              

This App offers monetary management. It is targeted toward smaller enterprises with nine employees or less. Features provided by Wave include payments, payrolls, and invoicing. Most of these features are available on the free version, while the version with payroll and payments starts at $9 a month.                            

Insightly offers customer-relationship-management solutions to smaller companies. You can manage your contacts, partners, vendors, suppliers, and information like their email history, dates related to projects, and many more. Other features include reminders, task creators, and event reports. The paid version begins at $7 a month for each user.                           


This is a collaborative app where you can jointly work with your team on a project. It comes with tools like boards, cards, and lists, which aid in your team effort and optimize the workflow. The premium version charges $5 per month.                             


It handles your social media interactions. Hootsuite takes charge of your social network, from scheduling messages to engaging your followers and even measuring the return on investment. This App can monitor and engage your followers on more than 35 social networks. It even informs the user about the reception and suggests ways to improve it. The Pro plan costs $9.99 per month.                            

Dlvr. it                                     

This App is responsible for content distribution as it monitors your activities and automatically shares the latest content on your social networks. It also offers promotional content for expanded distribution. The premium versions start from $9.99 per month.                          


This App lets you design email newsletters, share them on social media and evaluate the results. Along with gathering insight into your subscribers, automated email, advanced analytics, and send-time optimizations are some of its features. The paid versions begin from $10 a month.                                                        

It aids small businesses in customer support. All the tools needed to help a client during a crisis are available on It also reduces the overall time spent dealing with repetitive cases, and tons of customizations are available. This is a paid app and starts at $30 a month.                          


This online tool can send quotations and invoices to your clients. It also keeps track of the expenses incurred and payments made while keeping all the data secure and easily accessible. The paid version charges $15 a month.                           


This App takes care of meetings by monitoring the participants and the proceedings. Some of its features are to set up agendas and automatic summaries and share them eventually with the participants. This App is free.                          


This app schedules online appointments and works in tandem with Google Calendar. It allows your client to book appointments and automatically sends them timely reminders. This App can be added to your social media accounts, emails, and websites. This App charges $10 a month.                             


This Microsoft product deals with cloud storage and collaborative workspace operations. It allows you to work on your files while keeping them stored in online storage. This App increases your productivity by $5 per month with a plethora of features.                           


It is a to-do list platform that allows you to work collaboratively. It also has a comment feature where you can have group discussions. Reminders, notifications, and push emails are some of its other features. The business version would cost you $4.99 per month.                             


One of the most popular note-taking apps, Evernote has everything you need to make your work presentable and up to the mark. It has tools for editing, searching, organizing, and much more. The premium version begins from $5 per month.                            


It is an online-meeting app where you can share audio and video files and share your screen. Featuring tools like on-screen drawing and one-click recording, this App can support up to 100 participants. The paid plan costs $39 per month.                           


This is another customer support application that caters to the needs of small enterprises. It targets three core areas to make the interaction fluid and keep the clients happy – feedback forum, support ticket system, and knowledge base. The subscription begins at $15 per month.                           


One of the essential tools for content management, it began as a blogging platform but has evolved into one of a popular website creators. With over 3000 themes and 35000 plugins, this App is free.                           

Google Analytics                                       

If you wish to estimate the kind of web traffic attracted by your videos, websites, or ads, you can avail yourself of the free services of Google Analytics. It gives you an insight into your audience, which can help you analyze and optimize your products.                            

Google Apps                                      

With a host of essential tools, Google Apps can help you optimize your workspace. From mailing to scheduling to video conferencing, its range is unparalleled. It costs $5 per month.                           

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