5 Best Time Tracking Apps of 2022

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5 Best Time Tracking Apps of 2022

Many people work throughout the day but still cannot fulfill their daily goals. You may be a freelancer, working from home or an office goer, or an entrepreneur; keeping track of time is essential for all. Now, it is not possible for a person to remember everything that happens around her or things that take up her time. Hence to know how you spend your twenty-four hours, you may be seeking the help of time-tracking apps. These apps record what you have achieved throughout the day, besides the other more minor details. Let's look at some of the best time-tracking apps of 2022.


Toggl Track   

Earlier known as Toggl, this is an easy-to-use time monitoring tool . Whenever you create a task, start the timer and close it once you are done. You can also set reminders and track different tasks and activities performed throughout the day. Considered among the top 500 project management software in the market, this app is helpful for startups, small enterprises, freelancers, and even individuals. Among other features, this app supports logins from multiple devices and is available for online and offline modes. It is compatible with nearly every OS platform, and you can share the project time reports in several formats. Regarding its cost, the app offers limited access to five users for no charge, while the paid plans start from $10 a month for each user.   



The USP of Everhour is that it offers both time-based entries and manual entries . You can integrate this app with other productivity applications, like Asana. When that happens, all your projects on Asana can be seen in Everhour . Hence, you can work in a more organized manner as all your projects are automatically stored in this app. Since this app can be used for team-based projects, you can keep track of the availability of your workers. You can find out about their productive hours, their login times, and the time they log off. You can view all this data on the team calendar app, color-coded for your convenience. This app is mainly used as a browser extension and is free for up to five users. The paid plan starts from $5 per user and is charged annually.   



Considered by many as the most popular free time-tracker app, Clockify has explicitly been designed for team projects. This app offers free access to a limitless number of users and is known for practical features like tracking productivity, attendance, and billable hours . This app is especially suited for large groups who are tight on budget but would like to keep an eye on its members. It offers multi-device support, and one can log in from any device since the data is stored and synced online. This app can optimize your team's contribution and save you from significant expenses.    



Harvest is not just a time tracker but also keeps a tab on cost. It monitors each project for the amount of time spent on it and then generates and analyzes the data to know whether it is beneficial for the overall business. It creates visual reports on the time aspect while also delivering invoices to your clients once the project is complete. This saves you the cost of billing or using invoicing software. It even sends emails notifying the client to pay on time. This app can be used as a desktop app, as a browser extension, or even from a mobile phone. It also works offline, enabling the team members to record their work hours even if you are not online. It can also send automatic reminders to members to submit their work on time. It can also integrate with apps like Slack, Trello, Asana, etc., and is compatible with every primary OS. An individual can work on up to two projects for free, while the paid plans start from $12 per person every month.



This app provides a visual solution for your time management issues. Its major USP is its appearance which is starkly different from other time-keeping apps. Hourstack presents time as windows or blocks , making the work time appear as a calendar event. This may not be the only app that displays time like that, but it does lay more stress on time planning. Additionally, you can also color-code your assignments and activities, label them according to their categories, and receive alerts if you spend extra time on a specific project. Hourstack can also be integrated with apps like Google Calendar, Office 365, Asana, Hubspot , etc. This app can run on Android, iOS, and web browsers. The paid plans start from $5.60 for personal users, while the professional plans begin from $12 per month.  


These are some of the best time tracking apps of 2022.

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