5 Steps to Boost Your Email Open Rate

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5 Steps to Boost Your Email Open Rate

Most people consider click-through rates as the most crucial indicator of email marketing. Although click-through rates are important in understanding whether your email marketing campaign is hitting its mark or not, it won't matter unless the subscriber opens your email. Therefore, in this article, we will share five important tips to help you enhance your email opening rates. 


What is an Email Open Rate

Before coming to the tips, it is important to understand what an email open rate is and how it matters. An email open rate is the percentage of times subscribers opened your email. It is a helpful tool for marketing. Along with bounce rates and click-through rates, email open rates are important to understand how well your email marketing campaigns are doing and how you can improve them. If you do not know whether the subscribers are opening your emails, you will not be able to determine whether you are benefiting from your email marketing campaign. Your email opening rate helps you understand whether your email marketing campaign has the desired effect. 

Unless your subscribers open your emails, they will not receive your marketing messages; will not take any further action, and may never become your customers. You may spend hundreds of hours creating brilliant-looking emails, but it would not make any difference if a subscriber does not open them.  


5 Ways to Increase Your Open Email Rate

These are five steps that will help you increase the email opening rate.  

Write Better Content

You may be wondering how writing better content will help you increase your email opening rate. However, writing better content helps in the long run. Suppose the subscribers are impressed with the content. In that case, they may look forward to receiving emails from your organization and are more likely to take some action and eventually become your customer. On the other hand, if the content is terrible, there is a high possibility that the subscriber may not pay any attention to future emails. Hence with each email, create something that holds real value for your customers. The more valuable your emails are, the more faithful your customer base will become.   


Address Each Person Individually

Email marketing requires you to send emails to hundreds and thousands of people. This can be reflected in the content as well. However, your emails would be far more effective if you could draft them as if you are addressing each person individually. You can even personalize the subject line as well as the message. In order to accomplish this, you must be well aware of their persona, likes, and dislikes, as well as their needs and problems. You can contact your subscribers directly via phone or text message and ask them questions that might help you create the content. If you can spend some time with your customers, it will not only help in writing better emails but can also improve your products and services. 


Keep a Friendly Approach

In order to appeal to your subscribers, you must adopt a friendly conversational tone in your emails. By opting for an informal style over a corporate one, you can make the emails more personal and appealing to your customers. Such emails are less likely to be deleted by the recipients. 


Add Humour

Humor is an essential factor if you wish to create a bond with someone. It is entertaining and memorable since people tend to remember when something makes them laugh. However, sometimes people can cross the line while trying to sound funny. Therefore, you must have an intimate understanding of your clientele. If you are aware of their likes and dislikes, you are more likely to deliver content that will stay with them for a long time



Email marketing is one of the oldest marketing strategies in the corporate world. These five tips are supposed to increase your email opening rates. However, if you do not find positive results straight away, you should not be discouraged. You must give yourself some time and never hesitate to experiment. You never know which method can help in creating a better email strategy.  


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