6 Reasons You Should Move Your Small Business to Microsoft 365 and Teams

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6 Reasons You Should Move Your Small Business to Microsoft 365 and Teams

Microsoft commands a reliable brand image throughout the world. Known for its quality and affordability, it is ideal for most enterprises. Microsoft 365 has been conceived and designed as a solution for smaller businesses. It offers a complete solution with several features that make many of the processes run smoothly and efficiently. Let’s consider why small businesses must turn to Office 365 for better functioning.        

Cloud-based Workplace     

One of the most prominent features of modern work culture, working in a setup that constantly backs up your work and data, is not just a boon but a very practical approach. If you lose your computer for some reason, you will lose all your work. It can be catastrophic for you as well as your organization. But if you work in a setup with Microsoft 365, even if you lose your device, all your data will remain safe and can be accessed from a different device. Cloud-backed workspace is no longer a luxury but a necessity.     


Keeping your data on a third-party server can be worrisome, especially if you work with confidential projects. Smaller businesses may not have such insecurities but knowing that your data is safe gives you a sense of relief. With Microsoft’s built-in security , your information is not only secure, but you can also decide who will have access to it. If your accessing device ever falls into the wrong hands, you also have the option of deleting it remotely. Moreover, with Microsoft 365, you get 1 TB of OneDrive storage space, so you can also be assured of not running out of space soon.     

Work from Anywhere     

What began as compulsion has now taken over the world and working remotely is arguably the future for most organizations. Hence, to keep up with such developments, you need your business setup to be prepared. Microsoft 365 provides that freedom and, at the same time, does not compromise on the work quality. Thanks to Microsoft Teams , you won’t miss the office environment. With quick messaging, integrated communications, and video conferencing services, you can always stay in touch with your employees. Apart from that, you don’t have to carry your device everywhere. Since you can access your account from any system, you can work from anywhere .      

Extra Mail Space     

Most of us have the habit of storing our documents in our mail and never deleting unread mail because of which our regular email storage always runs the risk of running out of space. Imagine what your email would look like if you run a business where it becomes exceedingly difficult with the usually-allotted space. You are bound to receive hundreds of notifications each day. For this reason, Microsoft 365 equips you with 50 GB of additional email storage space . Hence, you won’t be burdened with deleting emails regularly in order to free up space.      

Mobile Accessibility      

If you are working from a remote location, you must have the ability to access your work from multiple devices and it gets even more convenient when you can do so from your mobile phone. With Microsoft 365, one can imagine the ease of access with such functionality. You can have your projects, calendar, schedules, contacts, and emails literally at your fingertips. Video conferences on mobile can also be attended, thereby freeing you from the responsibility of carrying your PC everywhere. You can work on your presentation on your mobile while traveling or doing something else. It is an excellent feature for entrepreneurs who need to remain active throughout the day.              


Finally, the most attractive feature of Microsoft 365 is its affordability. It won’t be prudent for small business owners to spend huge amounts on heavy-duty systems at the beginning of their enterprise. Additionally, they would require significant infrastructure to support such software. Therefore, Microsoft 365 provides an affordable solution that you can easily install and operate. Besides, the cost is flexible. You may not need an equal number of users every month, which would reduce your monthly bill. The price can change based on your requirement, but it won’t get out of hand. This is a huge plus for smaller enterprises that initially try to save every penny. Microsoft 365 gives you a variety of solutions and stays within your budget.      

As is evident, Microsoft 365 has been designed to provide maximum support to smaller businesses. It takes care of every requirement that such a business would need and provides all that at an economical rate. Therefore, it is safe to say that if you are looking to start a business and need an online business platform that can take care of your needs, then look no further than Microsoft 365.    

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