Five Tips to Use Social Media Effectively

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Five Tips to Use Social Media Effectively

The 21st Century can be described as the time of social media.  Nearly 58.4% of the population, i.e., 4.62 billion people, currently use social media.  Two hours 27 minutes is the average daily time spent on social media.  Whether you are a consumer or an entrepreneur, the significance of social media is rising rapidly.  Without an effective and well-planned social media presence, no organization can devise or sustain its marketing strategy.  

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, WhatsApp, and Pinterest are the most popular social media platforms.  Apart from the marketing team, most organizations hire a specialized social media team.  Social media is emerging as one of the largest platforms to reach, retain, and strike a relationship with the consumer and prospective ones.  

A specific, data-driven strategy is required to utilize social media effectively.  There are 4Cs of social media marketing: Creating, Connecting, Curating, and Culture.  Keep yourself updated with all the latest social media trends.  Keep researching, experimenting, and devising new ways to engage the users.  We list here five tips to use social media effectively.  


Choose the Platform Wisely

Each social media platform has its flavor.  The kind and profile of the audience are different for each forum.  Before choosing the platforms for engagement, pay attention to your product range and customer profile.  You may choose the platform which aligns with your customer profile.  It is not essential to be present on each platform.  For example, a luxury brand must have a robust presence on Instagram, whereas a brand with social significance must communicate with its audience through Twitter.  Understand a platform well to leverage it.  The most common type of content used on social media is visual (71%), blogging (70%), videos (57%), and podcasting (10%).  


Be a Regular

A social media platform always demands regular posts.  You need not spam by posting umpteen insignificant posts each day.  You should plan your time and days of the posts.  It is observed that users are most active on social media between 8 pm – 12 pm.  However, baby boomers are more active during morning hours, and millennials will remain on social media till late at night.  Once you have decided on the time and platform, ensure the post is researched, drafted, and designed well when it is finally uploaded.  The world of social media is dynamic and evolving each day.  Patience will be your key as you navigate social media.  It will take time for your page to grow its followers.  Regularly studying the platform's analytics and insights will help you design and strategize your other posts.


Be Social

Social media is never a one-way communication.  It is an online social medium where the user needs to be engaged and brought into a conversation.  Your posts should connect with the users and encourage them to participate in the discussion.  Even if your brand needs to do the talking, you can post personal thoughts and picture stories to foster an emotional connection.  Run polls, ask questions, and run interactive campaigns to let users participate.  Interaction with the users and acknowledging their comments and feedback will help you immensely gain their trust.  


Project a Personality

Your page should reflect a personality of its own.  You need to develop a voice that should be coherent.  When the users see a consistent voice, they will trust and keep returning to the page.  An inconsistent voice will lead to confusion in the minds of the users.  The message that your brand is trying to convey can get diluted.  Keep an eye on the interests of the users and develop your voice.  The user will appreciate your consistency of voice, and the engagement will be sustained.  


Hashtags and Keywords

Appropriate hashtags and keywords are among the best ways to reach a wider audience.  The more aligned and topical hashtags will make you reach the audience interested in your content. This is important to bring relevant traffic to your pages.  The hashtags will also help in tracking promotions.  In case of events, when you design your page, use the hashtags most effectively to reach the maximum audience.  Social media can gather a large audience for your event, which is difficult to access through other ways of marketing.  


End Thoughts

A Microsoft report says that a person's average attention on social media is 7 seconds.  This indicates that the message should be conveyed concisely and most effectively to engage the audience in the shortest time.  You should pay extreme attention to detail and create error-free copies, clear and high-resolution pictures, high decibel clear audio, and videos.  Stand out your campaigns by using creativity, fun, and an out-of-the-box approach.  To catch the user's attention, keep a consistent and creative social media strategy.  Just do not give up — keep the enthusiasm of your team and yourself alive with each win in the dynamic and ever-evolving world of social media.

WomExperts Team

WomExperts Team

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