How to Choose the Right Social Media Platform?

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How to Choose the Right Social Media Platform?

In the age of social media, choosing the right one to reach your audience is imperative.  Right messaging on the right platform goes a long way in retaining the users, acquiring new ones, and growing your social media presence.  The most popular ones are Twitter , Facebook , Instagram , YouTube , WhatsApp , LinkedIn , TikTok , and Snapchat .  There are many more, and the numbers are growing.  The right social media channel is vital to implementing an effective strategy.  The brand needs to be on the right social media platform to reach the desired audience and create the right impact. 


Top Five Social Media Platforms 

With over 2.7 billion monthly active users, Facebook remains the most popular platform.  It is difficult to ignore this mammoth platform, and it is a must for every organization.  Now known as Meta and famous as Facebook, it was started by Mark Zuckerberg.  This social media conglomerate also owns Instagram and WhatsApp.  All the platforms have their distinct voice and flavor.  Facebook started as a platform to allow people to connect with their family and friends.  Instagram is especially popular amongst young millennials.  WhatsApp is a must messaging platform used extensively for personal and business messaging.   


Twitter has taken social media by storm with its growing popularity. Twitter is known for its news and crisp and concise short messages.  YouTube is the video platform that gained unprecedented popularity in the last few years, especially during the pandemic. The American online video sharing and social media platform were launched in 2005. Now it holds the distinction of the second most visited website. LinkedIn is a popular platform as well and is primarily used for professional networking and career development. 


Study User Demographics   

It can be overwhelming to choose the right platform. Your personal choice could be one platform, but your business might demand the usage of another. Each forum has a culture of its own. First, study the user demographics of a particular platform, though it is impossible to build a robust presence on each platform.    


Identify Target Audience’s Platform   

You can devise your own social media strategy by knowing which platform your target audience prefers. The content should align with your target audience’s tastes and preferences. Once you post consistent, high-quality content which engages your target audience, the user engagement will grow.  


Define the Tone and Voice    

Each post should be in coherence with the brand’s voice. Even when the post is dedicated to marking an occasion or a festival, the content, infographics, and colors should stand in solidarity with the brand’s voice and image.  


Differentiate the Content    

You might be using a different platform for your brand. Do not make the mistake of propagating the same posts and messaging across all platforms. Each platform will offer a different benefit for your brand. One post may be suitable for one platform but entirely unsuitable for another. Share different social media posts across different platforms, using blogs, videos, photo stories, etc.  


Measure the Impact across Platforms   

With insights and analytical tools available now, it is possible to measure the statistics of each social media platform. You can even find out which posts performed exceedingly well and which did not live up to expectations. You may soon come to know which platform is giving you positive results. Strategize further to find the best time and type posts. 


Experiment and Gauge Results   

Social media gives us enough creativity to experiment and convey our thoughts about the brand. We have the liberty to experiment with social media platforms. It is advisable to experiment across platforms that are not yielding results. Repeated experimentation on a sustained basis may lead to generating the expected impact. If experiments are not producing results even after an extended period, it is better to focus on the platform yielding results.  


Research Your Competitors   

Once you are chalking out your social media strategy, you need to look deeper at your competitor’s social media presence.  To find which platforms are being used extensively. Also, study the kind of posts used for engagements. Remember to propagate your unique message based on original ideas. Original content will resonate with the target audience to a great extent.  


Build Your Bouquet of Platforms   

Rather than jumping at many platforms, making an impactful presence on the most relevant platform is better. If you are a customer-focused lifestyle brand, you should have a significant presence on Instagram, but a B2-B brand will be best represented on LinkedIn. Gradually building up platforms is advisable rather than getting lost in the vast world of social media. 


End Thoughts   

A well-designed strategy for choosing the right platform is essential to derive maximum benefits from social media. Choose the right platform after developing the brand’s voice that resonates best with the target audience present on that platform.    


WomExperts Team

WomExperts Team

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