How to Find New Clients Using LinkedIn

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How to Find New Clients Using LinkedIn

A successful businessperson in today’s times has to have a lot many clients. From the biggest of firms to those who are starting, the strategy for success lies in finding as many clients as possible. With the market economy spreading its wings and more and more people acquiring a decent buying power to emerge as potential customers, a strong client base is what all businesspersons target. There are scores of ways to find clients in the age of the internet and social media and just like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, LinkedIn is another medium through which clients can be found if the right strategy is adopted.  

LinkedIn is a platform with massive potential. It’s a platform that is not only expanding at a brisk pace but also, unlike Facebook and Twitter, it is something that is more focused on serious entrepreneurial stuff. People often consider LinkedIn as a job-hunting and recruiting network, but it is something more than that -- it helps to discover a whole new set of leads and clients. For an entrepreneur who has just started, LinkedIn is a big resource to expand the client base, and here are some ways to do it: 

1. Come up with a clear-cut image of yourself on LinkedIn:  

If you are trying to find more clients through LinkedIn, present a clear picture of your own standpoint as a businessperson in the first place. Tell the audience on the platform what you are offering (product or business). Do not hesitate to market your products/services honestly. Just as you lay down the unique offerings that you have, also be candid about how you can improve your business with others’ help. This will give the impression that there is an entrepreneur who is not worried to learn and proceed.  

2. Be specific about the solution you are offering:  

If you are offering a business solution in a particular segment, then inform people about everything you possess as your knowledge and skill. Break down the specifics and convey to your potential client the message that you are here to provide a comprehensive solution and not just something okay. LinkedIn offers diverse outlets whereby you can showcase your achievements (through articles, awards, media, and ongoing projects, etc) and these can go a long way to help you exhibit your credential before the world.  

3. Identifying the client you are looking for: 

Since LinkedIn is more about people’s professional identities, it offers a more effective medium to trace the ideal client that you are looking for. Looking for clients who will gain from your business or those who you think would make you gain as well is something that is easier on LinkedIn. You can search for clients through filtered hunting and using precise keywords. You can get to know the industries they belong to and also their geographical location where your business has a potential growth opportunity. Also, while you look for that ideal client, ensure that your own profile also looks appealing to them who thus can consider you as their ideal partner as well.  

4. Transforming physical meetings into LinkedIn networking: 

LinkedIn helps in building a great network by bridging people with common friends. When you meet new people connected to your field (or even if not) physically at some work event, ensure that you add them to the LinkedIn contact list so that they do not get lost with time. Send them a polite and personalized note about how you met to give them the idea that they are important to you. Even if your direct friend isn’t related to your profession but his/her friend is, it’s always a good practice to keep on building your LinkedIn connection since you never know which contact could prove to be beneficial at what point. Get people to write testimonials for you. 

5. Be a part of LinkedIn groups: 

It is always a good idea to become a part of groups that are related to your industry or interests. By doing that, you can not only make expert friends but also meet potential clients. Look for those groups by using the search bar located at the top of the homepage. Be a member of as many groups as you can so that your horizon keeps on widening at a fast pace. Also, after becoming members of relevant groups, take initiative to start discussions on topics that are relevant to your own business. Through talks and debates, you can come to know more people, some of the like-minded, and eventually your client.  

6. Don’t just make new connections, also follow up: 

 Every time you make a new contact on LinkedIn, do not hesitate to thank that new friend for accepting your request as early as you can. If that person belongs to your industry, you can go forward to start a discussion with him over a relevant issue or even have a general conversation that can go on to unearth new information related to your business interests. Also, keep a watch on people who are visiting your profile. They must have felt interested to explore your profile seeing your credentials and a potential client could hide among them. It is advisable to go for a premium account on LinkedIn so that you can keep a track of people who have visited your profile and if required, you can reach out to them by seeing their potential as a business partner or client.  

7. Nurturing LinkedIn leads: 

This is a very effective way to make new clients through LinkedIn. Since the platform is less crowded with people with casual intentions, it is always a good idea to personalize your contacts so that they feel your warmth and come in handy in times of business need. Reach out to people even on their personal occasions like birthdays besides helping people and responding to their posts that require circulation. Ask people pertinent questions on the content they post. In this way, they would also start reciprocating and you will eventually gain as an entrepreneur. It is always a piece of golden advice to be patient when exploring LinkedIn to grow business contacts. It takes some time to grow relationships but if they grow solid, they are here to stay. 

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