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About WomELLE

WomELLE is a business community that brings women together from across the globe to share ideas and provide guidance to help us all achieve our collective and individual goals. At WomELLE, we believe that when a woman is given an opportunity to realize her full potential, we all benefit from it. We deliver resources and services based on a dignified model that makes WomELLE feel like a trusted friend.


Our vision is to enable positive change for women. We are creating a community that advances and encourages women in business and leadership. We want to see women working together, helping one another, being strong together all while promoting our shared interests of gender equality and equity. 


WomELLE’s mission is short but meaningful. We provide women with opportunities to improve their quality of life through self-development and community action. As a community, we strive to inspire women to support and promote other women in all aspects of life, business, and leadership to ensure self-advancement.