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WomELLE Marketplace  is a woman freelancing marketplace connecting small businesses (known as "Buyers") with a vast pool of talented women freelancers ("Sellers") offering every business service you can imagine from coaching, business plan writing to logo design, web development to business administration, or writing articles.


How it works

Buyers can hire Sellers in one of three ways on WomELLE:

  • by purchasing an Hourlie, which is a pre-packaged, fixed price service that can be delivered within a specified timescale (anything from a matter of hours up to 30 days).  Hourlies are ideal for either small service needs or to try out a Seller before using their services for much larger projects,
  • by posting a Job and defining exactly the scope of their project.  The Buyer then receives custom proposals from available Sellers who explain why they are the best person for the Job and at what price.
  • browsing profiles and contacting Sellers directly to receive custom proposals.


Through whichever method that a Buyer and Seller begin working together, the Buyer pays into an Escrow account money so that the Seller can start work. For a custom Job this money is an agreed deposit amount, for an Hourlie the money paid into Escrow is the full purchase price.  This money is only released to the Seller when the Job has been Done! (It is strictly against our T&C's to start working with a Seller/Buyer if the Proposal is not approved and the deposit is not under Escrow).

All communications, payments and other actions between a Buyer and Seller are exchanged and tracked seamlessly through a tool on WomELLE called the Workplace. In the Workplace the Buyer and Seller can continue to working together after the initial job by simply agreeing further custom proposals.

** The time is base on America/New_York timezone