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Thank you for your interest in contributing to WomELLE Magazine.

What kinds of stories does WomELLE Magazine publish?

Our stories tend to fall into a few specific beats, which center around the key problems of our time: Leadership change for women; women equal pay; wellness; business; marketing; HER Story; and women empowerment. We want to know what solutions are working, as well as what people have learned along the way. We prefer reporting on ideas, actions, movements and projects that are past the planning stages, and have the potential to be replicated or scaled. Bonus points if your story is “leadership,” and helps to solve more than one problem at once.

Cover  features story  (generally 1200 to 1500 words) 


We prefer that you send digital images. If you want us to have the option to run images very large, please send TIFF or PSD files — along with high-rez JPGs for quick review.  We will also use JPGs and PNGs if sharp 2550 X 3300, but note that the maximum size will be determined by the image size at 300 dpi. Please do not alter in any way original digital files — send us undoctored images; our art director and prepress professionals will make such adjustments if/as necessary. 


* 10 high resolution images 

* Story 1200 to 1500 words 

* 150 word bio 

* Photographer name for credit if any 

WomELLE Magazine is digital and print, Images must be high-rez for print. 

We decide on image for cover from images you email us. No exception 

Please submit a  pitch to submissions by visiting the magazine website here