How to be a Great Leader

Good leaders are bold, brave, inspiring, charismatic... The question is: how can you make sure that you are more like those heroes you admire and less like those stuffy managers that you dread?

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  • How to be An Influential Thought Leader in Your Industry
  • How to Encourage Productivity Without Hurting Creativity
  • How to Turn Your Biggest Critics Into Your Greatest Supporters
  • How to Lead by Example

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  • The 3 Most Crucial Goals for Leaders 00:02:42
  • 4 Powerful Ways to Motivate Your Team 00:02:43
  • How to be An Influential Thought Leader in Your Industry 00:02:33
  • How to Lead by Example 00:02:40
  • The 5 Secrets of Successful Leaders 00:02:55
  • How to Encourage Productivity Without Hurting Creativity 00:02:50
  • How to Turn Your Biggest Critics Into Your Greatest Supporters 00:02:49
  • 3 Ways to Have a More Commanding Presence 00:02:53
  • 5 Mistakes of Bad Leaders 00:02:46
  • Top Influential Leaders to Model From 00:02:51
  • Ready to Learn and Grow
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These days, it is common for most people to at some point be thrust into a leadership role. And say ‘thrust’ because most of us never asked for it and never wanted it. Leadership seems to only attract a certain type of person but unfortunately, you need to be in charge of others in many industries if you’re going to increase your salary and earn a bigger pay check. 

It’s not until you start managing others, that you reach the higher pay band and the perks that go with this. But if you’re not naturally inclined toward leadership, this can be tough going. This is precisely why we get so many sub-par managers and unhappy offices. What do you expect when the person in charge doesn’t really want to be there and just finds this whole thing very, very stressful?

When you’re put in this position, suddenly it becomes that much easier to sympathize with those poor leaders from our past and to put ourselves in their shoes. And the painful part is that all of us know what a good leader looks like (and thus how far we might be from that). 

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