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As a mother or mom-to-be, you have two jobs—one as a full-time mom and the other as an entrepreneur. Mompreneur is a beautiful concept that gives women the hope and impetus to be financially independent without compromising on the quality of time spent with their little ones.  

So, if you are looking for creative ways to start a business of your own, then these ideas will help fuel your passion for it.  

Become a Freelancer 

A freelancer is like a self-employed professional who offers a service to small businesses in exchange for pay. You can work with as many clients as you please and sell your skill without an investment. You could be a mom blogger or a social media specialist, a teacher or a mom influencer! There is no dearth of options. Just find a skill that you can monetize and start reaching out to companies who are looking for your expertise. As a pregnant woman, this is a perfect opportunity to make some money on the side. You can work from the comforts of your home and have full control over your working hours. The best thing is that you can continue working even after the baby is born. It is only a matter of time when you will be making a steady income from your freelancing gigs.  

Virtual Assistant 

Stay-at-home moms or moms-to-be can also consider working as a virtual assistant. Mothers are just naturally capable of multi-tasking, so why not use your ability to run a business as well? As a virtual assistant, you will be able to choose your hours of work. Soon you will be able to find a routine that works for you and help you stay productive all the time. 

When Michelle Mangen started her VA business in 2008, she was working a full-time job but was exhausted from making a 99-mile run (one-way) to work every day. As a single mother to a teenager, her priority was her son. Thus, she decided to quit her job and look into virtual assistance as a career. Before long Michelle knew that she was cut out for the industry and took a plunge. She claims that it wasn’t easy for the first year, but she soon learned to use her skills productively and the profits started coming in.  

As a successful VA business owner, Michelle claims that mompreneurs should start building networks in this industry if they want to be virtual assistants. The relationships you cultivate will help you get your first clients and get your business of the ground.  

Sell Your Art Online 

Are you handsy with crochet? Are you good at macramé? Do you love to make crafts in your spare time? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you have a business opportunity right there! You can now sell your crafts on Etsy and other online portals without incurring heavy start-up costs. Don’t forget to showcase your work online on social media channels. The advertising is free, and you can get a lot of your clients from your own social network.  

Vana Chupp is a full-time mom and makes a consistent living out of her Etsy store. The inspiration for her successful business idea came to her from her firstborn son, Nikolas. As a mother, she wanted to document every emotion and his moments of playfulness, immortalizing his facial features as they changed over the years. Her idea of drawing his silhouettes reverberated with a lot of parents who wanted the same for their babies. She sensed a niche and started developing products that she sold on Etsy. The beauty of custom silhouettes and the unique idea behind it soon caught on and six months later, Chupp quit her consulting job to be a full-time mompreneur, making consistent income from what started as a hobby.  

For new mompreneurs, she recommends that now is a good time as any to sell on Etsy. If you have a craft that you think will resonate with the community, then it is time to go live with your Etsy shop.  

There are many such business ideas for career moms and pregnant women who want to make a living or an extra income without investing too much time or money. The opportunities are endless and depend largely on your skill and preferences. If there was ever a right time to do some self-reflection, it would be now! 

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