15 Kick‐Ass Women in Business to Follow

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One of the factors that will influence your growth is the caliber of people you follow. They either challenge you to do better, make you comfortable or even set you up on a path of self-destruction. When it comes to women that have broken glass-ceilings and are kicking ass as persons with a name in the business world, they can offer perception-changing and action-instigating influence on fellow women.  

You may not get opportunities to sit with them but can find them on various social media pages. They share their journey, motivate and challenge other women to work, to step out of their comfort zones and to dare success. We identify for you 15 Kick‐Ass Women in Business to Follow; 

Shonali Burke 

She shares her experience before she founded Shonali Burke Consulting. Hers is a story of mentorship and encourages women to follow people whose content can squeeze the best out of them. For her, the success that continues to come is because of looking up to those who are better than her. You should follow this woman because of her conviction in sharing content that targets to make women succeed in expressing their greatest positive power. She insists on learning from how others who are ahead of you are doing it.   

Iris Apfel  

This woman is a challenge for those who think age limits achievement. At 95 years, she has not stopped stepping out and shining to just show the world that even in old age, you can keep your dreams alive. You will hardly miss the sight of her in a lot of prime red-carpet events in the fashion world.  

Kate Rabe 

Running a consultancy firm and focuses on people doing only the thing they are good at. She attributes her success to competence and ability to deliver. Follow her to see how the business or a job that you are not naturally suited for is holding back your success.  

Alexa Von Tobel 

She embodies the values of a modern aggressive businesswoman that nonetheless is committed to family. This is one woman with a holistic mentorship influence. You even could catch a copy of her book “Financially Fearless” to understand what can drive you, as it did her, towards success in business and excellence in life.  

Sophia Amoroso 

This is a woman that has succeeded without taking an executive approach towards business. She describes her business journey as similar to how she does her Instagram feed. If you like the unconventional type, easy and relatable, she is great for you. 

Traci Larson 

She explains how her business journey started once she had read Julia Cameron’s book challenging women to journal every day.  She followed Cameron’s best business advice and footsteps and you can follow hers. 

Emily Schuman  

She is an epitome of success in the blogging arena. You visit her Instagram page and you will get a glimpse of how her lifestyle brand continues to grow and it will teach you a lesson or two. 

Karlie Kloss 

For her, it is about making yourself a model brand that you can leverage for business purposes. She has done this to the point of founding several businesses capitalizing on her fame to edge into the market. Follow her to see how model-status can accentuate your entrepreneurial moves. 

Audrey Gelman 

For her, she is all about women building synergies and connecting them for purposes of scheming to take over the world. That is what her venture, The Wing, is for. You are not thinking twice about following this one, right?  

Hillary Berman 

Her influence goes down to fetch the talent, skills, and abilities in the person. She advocates for working on a person and investing in oneself which brings a fortune. Investing in a business only offers a livelihood. 

Jessica Alba 

Initially, a renowned actress who went entrepreneurial. Talk about leveraging fame to have a billion-dollar business empire and you precisely describe Jessica. Follow her and learn to see the social assets that you can capitalize on as well.  

Alli Webb 

Following her will not only get you to see some of the most glamorous hair available on the market for you to spice up your looks. It will also teach you the importance of innovation and creativity as a woman with business ideation. For women in business, she typically epitomizes the beauty-with-brain type of identity. 

Lori Koop 

She is an antagonist of what she calls selfish-entrepreneurship. She challenges women to collaborate and exchange notes even as competitors focusing on the same niche. You have to follow her and see how to go about such collaboration.  

Robin Gordon 

Her best advice is for you to “ask”. She is open to share and you have to follow her. But her best business advice is for you at your level to get out and ask how other people started, ask how did the first sale come and even ask people to be interested in your business.  

Brit Morin 

Hers is a business anchored on spreading inspiration. She goes about this creatively. Follow her to get inspired and you will crown her queen at this.  

What emerges from most, if not all, of these women is that they started by looking up to others. You have to be willing to learn from those who have gone ahead of you and those who have trotted the path.  

Seek to learn from what they have learned.  

Decide on which among the women best represents your type of business ideation. Head over to their social media accounts and follow them.  

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