5 Best Resources for Women in Business

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Though the technology has made things a lot easier for everyone even for women too. But still even in this century women are facing a lot of challenges, more often because of their gender. People still are not ready to take women as a competition in the business world. Somewhere they still feel her place at kitchens only.

Well, even if it so, the fact remains women make the best managers. So, worry not all the ladies out there. It is surely not impossible to run a successful business for a woman, already many are proving their mettle in the field. Collaborating together and utilizing the resources for female business owners can help you do so. There are numerous resources in the market from investor networks to support community to help you out to run your business successfully.

Here is a list of 5 Resources for Women in Business 


WomELLE, a community working to support women business owners. WomELLE helps them achieve their business goals through specialty services, which includes networking, leadership, mentoring, and web applications. WomELLE support their community members and encourage them to aim high and to become successful and respected leaders in their respective businesses and fields. If you are also looking to launch, grow, or scale your business and seeking some such support then you can also take help from the community. The community is dedicated to help women succeed by providing them top resources. At WomELLE, you get deep understanding of your business, clear strategies, and help to accomplish your goals.

 37 Angels

Another resource for women in business is 37 Angels, founded by Angela Lee. 37 Angels is an investor network specifically meant to help women into businesses and bring more women into the growing angel investing fold. 37 Angels not only help women entrepreneurs, but also it offers education to them on how to become an angel investor and support other women in business. Also, the website has a number of curated resources for women who are planning to get into investing or business.

 SoGal Ventures

SoGal ventures, is a capital firm, founded by Elizabeth Galbut and Pocket Sun. SoGal Ventures is the first female-led millennial VC fund, to invest in promising concepts or businesses in both the United States and Asia. Like any investor, SoGal Ventures also see winning ideas for investing in the seed and pre-A stage.  However, the group is specifically meant to target start-ups founded by women or other diverse individuals.

The National Women’s Business Council

The NWBC involves itself on issues important to women business owners and their organizations, at various level of government. Basically the council provides a platform for change to women entrepreneurs in order to expand and improve opportunities for them and their enterprises. Also, it hosts a variety of events from competitions to conventions to help women entrepreneurs connect with each other and resources that help them succeed in their ventures.

Ernst & Young Entrepreneurial Winning Women

Ernst & Young entrepreneurial winning women, is a national competition which lets women business owners spend time with mentors and develop winning plans to push their limits of success on existing ventures.

From WomExperts

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