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In today’s world, there are many women complaining about low salaries, unprofessional working environment and having a difficulty of finding a decent job. If you are suffering from the same issues, now it is time to take action and start taking responsibility. You can keep blaming companies and business owner for not giving you the chances you want or instead you can create your own opportunities. Today is the day to change your mindset and start working for building a dream life.

In issue 23 of WomELLE Magazine "WomLEAD", we had the chance of interviewing  Amanda Frances  for our cover. She is an expert on becoming a money queen. Amanda Frances is a digital course creator and she is an inspiring mentor to women entrepreneurs. She is a self-made millionaire also shares her experiences with other women that need help making money and become a successful business owner. 

Her online courses are very popular and many people reach success with the help of those courses. Just following her daily inspirational content on her social media will give you the positive energy and the encouragement that you need but by attending her courses you can learn more about creating your own business and you can take advice on how to become a boss lady. So, here are the 3 businesses that you can start with the help of Amanda Frances to become a successful business woman.

1. Become a Coach

The first step is finding a job that makes you happy. If you love the job you do, you can reach in a short time. For this reason, Amanda Frances offers different online courses for different branches. For example, there is a course called “Become a money-making coach”. This one is for the women who loves helping others and influencing their lives in a positive manner. If you want to become a coach like Amanda, you don’t need so much money or a certification. All you need to do is to work a lot on learning how to do it and only offer coaching on your expertise. The most important thing is identifying your skills and build your coaching strategy accordingly. To be able to do that and grow your business just enroll the courses of Amanda Frances and start improving yourself. 

2. Become a Digital Course Creator

As a coach, when you feel ready, you can also start creating digital courses. So that you can reach more and more people every day. Once you have created a well-developed online course and put it on the right platforms, you can make money even if you are sleeping. If people like your content, they will advise it to the others and your influence will grow rapidly. If you get lessons from Amanda Frances, you can learn the most effective ways of creating a digital course, automation phase, integration and earning. Also, there is valuable information about how to launch it and the marketing activities that should be done on social media and some entrepreneurship-related platforms. By following these steps, you can create your own inspirational web site and deliver your courses to the new starters. 

3. Become a Network Marketer

Network marketing is one of the most popular jobs in today’s world. Since everything is moving into the digital world, the need for online marketers is increased a lot in the last couple of years.  If you are interested in marketing and would like to work on this topic, there are many things that you can do. Nowadays, the marketing world is really big and you can make a great amount of money in this sector. All you need to do is establish your business, find consistent customers and distribution channels. You may require just a little money and time investment but if you act smart, you can be successful in a short time. Furthermore, as a network marketer, you can work from wherever you want. All you need is a laptop and the wifi. You can work from a beach, from a park, from a lovely cafe or wherever you want. This situation will give you complete freedom that you will enjoy a lot. 

Amanda Frances has some courses and coaching programs to help women who are aiming to be a network marketer. She can show you the way to promote your services and stand out from the crowd. Growing an online presence is not an easy task so it is better you work with an expert to spend your time and money in an effective way. Amanda is also one of the best choices who can teach you to create an accomplished brand. After learning the tricks, all you need to do is infusing your passion into the work and have fun. 

As a woman, network marketing is one of the best branches that you can rise easily. Especially in the cosmetics sector, you can gain an enormous amount of money in a short time. In the beginning, you have to work hard but after some time when everything is settled, you will enjoy being a boss of your own job and earn a lot of money. 

To conclude, if you are not happy with your life, with your job or income, it is time for you to try something different. Be courageous, learn from the experts like Amanda Frances, be patient and work hard. If you need a support group you can join WomELLE and get all the extra support you need to succeed. 

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