How to Build a Startup

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Often women asked us about how I start a business, and we always say it’s easy but requires our time. We say this to be encouraging but also the truth. One doesn’t need to be rich to start a business. You just need to dream big, work hard, and of course a bit of luck. It is difficult, not impossible, just a challenge but if you are willing to learn a variety of skills you will hit the ladder. Here are five essentials that can help you start your own business.  

1- Own Evaluation 

Building up a company and sustaining the business is no less than hard work, knowledge, and skills. If you want to be successful in life, you should know the basics of leadership. At the beginning of your business, your primary goal should be focused on learning and not on earning. 

2- Networking 

Another aspect of building a startup is networking. You should communicate with those people who are in the same field and business. This is how you will remain with the latest updates. You should socialize as much as possible and try to expand your contacts. By networking, you might find a mentor-cum-friend who can share experiences with you and help you with your business at the initial stage. Spending some quality time with like-minded businesswomen and men will further help you to innovate ideas for your start-up. 

3- Develop your skills  

You might want to attend seminars or workshops that can help you, pick something that can be valuable to you. This will help you build your skills and gain the necessary knowledge required to start your business. You can also volunteer your time. Volunteering will help you understand the practical aspects of the business and understand the realities of working in the same environment. 

Get advice and feedback 

A lot of people think that they must do it alone, but you don’t have too. Collaborate with other women, ask questions, get feedback, but more importantly, learn to stop talking and listen. You should listen to suggestions and feedbacks from other business owners, peers, and mentors. Accept their challenges graciously and make changes as you go, however, you should have confident on your own ideas.  

Be angry and stay angry  

There are certain times in start-up world when your company is not profitable. This is the crucial stage to cope up with the difficulties and challenges and you just need to think of your determination and willingness towards your business and wait for a little until the business becomes profitable. You might need to think differently for getting your first profit and might risk while taking some decisions. A start-up always faces several risks and risks are your companions when you plan to start a business. 

You should prioritize what you actually want from your business. You should listen to the suggestions and feedback of the customers, accept their challenges graciously, and make changes, however, you should have confident on your own ideas, but shouldn’t take pride in yourself! 

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