How to Run an Ecommerce Business in Under 5 Hours 

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For many entrepreneurs who plan to set up a business venture, e-commerce is a more preferred form because it doesn’t require a whole lot of financial commitment right away and can prove to be fast penetrating in a short time. However, starting an ecommerce venture can still be challenging like a normal business. It demands hard work and decisions that need to be taken at the right time.  

There are also entrepreneurs who can aspire to run an ecommerce business in as short a time span of five hours. Is it possible to make an ecommerce business run in five hours? Of course, it is, given you have taken the right steps. Starting an ecommerce business requires the right kind of content for marketing, utilization of social media to make a strong customer base and engage with people to the maximum extent.

But what is the secret of starting an ecommerce business in quick time and making it a thriving affair? Every day, several such entrepreneurs start their journey to make a place in the corporate map. Not many manage to last the distance, however, because they either do not follow the right rules or so things hastily. It is always a good sign to be an eager initiator, but it is also important to maintain the momentum till success is met. 


Here are some tips for those who want their ecommerce business running in just five hours: 

Starting with that thing you always liked

Say you want to be an ecommerce entrepreneur in a matter of a few hours. For example, you want to sell mugs or t-shirts or any object that displays creative tags on them that are funny and attractive. If you don’t have your products ready but you are keen to start off, bring some mugs and white t-shirts and get on with your creative skills. For someone who wants an ecommerce business running in just five hours, the most important thing is sto start -- literally. Once the beginning is made, you can always build on your foundation. 

Using print-on-demand products

Print-on-demand is the kind of marketing strategy where you print your design on your product. Earlier, people had to obtain huge quantities of goods in wholesale and store it and they had to be packed and shipped. These prints can start off your business venture is a great way if you can prove yourself to be creative and appealing. The print-on-demand strategy can be used on virtually any kind of product and once you have your range of products tagged under such appealing and colorful prints, not only your ecommerce venture but even your ecommerce store will be ready.   

Do not try tough things at the very beginning 

It is good to have a starting speed, but it is foolish to allow that to go beyond control. For those who are trying to see their ecommerce venture getting a realistic shape in a time span of five hours, it is advisable not to overdo things. You can set up a free blog and social media page in quick time to start the initial promotion of your product. You need not try to be over-ambitious at the very beginning. Public relations and branding can happen later, but it is always wise to be short and precise when you are making the first moves in the ecommerce venture.  

Make use of the Internet and social media

The instant promotion of your product can be done on the Internet and social media. Each moment, if utilized, can be so fruitful on the Internet that in five hours, you can almost end up building an empire of your own. Post short and engaging content on your social media pages and blogs. Make short videos to get immediate traction for your business venture. Count those five hours that you are using to make the most of the Internet. If you have an able hand, you can even set up your own website to promote your ecommerce product. 

Take help from friends/mentors

If you have friends who are already into e-commerce business or you have a mentor who is guiding you on how to start a venture over some time now, talk to them urgently over your five-hour project. They can give you the right advice and contacts to make use of for promoting your own venture. Also write product reviews for your friends’ sites as an indirect strategy to promote your own. It is just a give-and-take gesture whereby your review will attract a payback from them to boost your venture.  

Do not give up too soon

There is all the possibility of your five-hour initiative not meeting success. Any business venture only evolves through errors and rectifications and in five hours, you are bound to end up not doing a lot of things. But do not consider those as your failure and start losing interest if your five-hour effort doesn’t bring instant rewards. Start briskly with the five-hour project but then prepare yourself for a long-term commitment. The good thing with online business is that once it starts moving, it definitely moves forward.  

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  1. Katie S. - Aug 30, 2020

    I am starting an e-commerce store for baby clothes, this post really help me understand some facts. Thank you for the guide.

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