The Power of Purpose

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Purpose—An intent to do something!! Gone are the days when women had no equal opportunities. Long ago, there was a time when women did not even had the power to vote. Slowly and gradually, women came out of their shell, and now they are all set to prove their mettle in almost every field. Women can now be seen in any field from politics to corporate, finance to art and sciences, etc.  

However, education has played an important part in the progress, as well as the hunger to achieve more, and take higher responsibility roles in society, politics, corporate life, etc. Today, many women are holding high positions in businesses, education, and politics. There are even women working in the highest positions in companies such as Indra Nooyi, the CEO PepsiCo., Mary T. Barra, the General Motors Chief Executive Officer, Michele Buck, the President and CEO of The Hershey Company - an American food manufacturing company; and many others.  

Today, women are good in every field. Their desire to prove themselves as equals has led them to be wonderful leaders in today’s society. These women who are in top positions or roles in various industries and departments are leading and shaping the world, creating wonders in leadership, and also working as stepping-stones for other women who are still struggling to close the gap with men.  

Women today are creating a path that genuinely embraces others and inspires others in the world to have a positive impact. These women are aware of their strengths and weaknesses, they are ready to face the challenges that society or their jobs throw at them. It is usually said that women are better managers, and it is true to a great extent, since women have inbuilt qualities such as unwavering work ethic, respect for others, and an innate ability to connect with others on an individual level to provide immediate and lasting solutions.  

Women leaders today are leaving entirely new kinds of footprints, regardless of what others think about them. Every female leader has the ability to command a room differently and exercising each action with inner strength and mindfulness. Most of the women leaders you will find will be assertive without being aggressive. Women leaders are creating their own personal brands and have earned immense respect in their respective fields.  

Women leaders today are empowering and encouraging others to find their way by setting examples for others on how to move past limitations and overcome obstacles in their desired career path, and out of it. Their self-efficacy has helped them come this far. 

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